Balancing ‘everything’!

Following on from my never ending simplification plan. Been thinking a lot about balance lately ( or rather, ebb and flow, because I see it more like a river than a set of scales).

Last week I spent £800 odd on a new surfboard and bodyboard ( don’t get me started!) for myself and Little One. During this week, I’ve had loads of conversations with Mrs FP about how we utilise our time with the things we have.

She also wants me to buy a motorbike, which is something I’ve been keen to get into again.

I’m very lucky to have such support but at the same continually get perplexed about how I/we spend our time and where my effort should go.

I know I love trail running, and I’d love to do more XC and maybe even bike packing in the future. We are all agreed that as a family, we will commit to surf more. So, realistically, one road bike, which I have, a XC bike which I have and sell most of the TT related stuff and probably pull away from tri for good.

This all makes sense. However, after my last redundancy, I don’t want to be looking for work again if I can at all help it, and I’m on a steep learning curve in a role that is big for me. I really need to dedicate myself in that to make myself as indispensable as possible.

I want to pay my mortgage off before I’m 60 ( approx £60k by year end).
it feels like I need less of a simplification and more of a ‘re-invention’ which I sometimes find hard to deal with.

I’m not really sure what the point of this post is but ‘times are a changing’ seems to be the best description. Maybe I’m drunk? :laughing:


Did you read Matt Rudd’s article in yesterday’s ST? A lot of us are really not sure what we’re doing is for the best.
Man Down: Why Men Are Unhappy and What We Can Do About It

I read that article today; well, until I got bored! Maybe I should just tell the family I’m in the biggest risk group (45-49) and they should just let me do whatever, and get it out of (or into) my system.

The OP is fortunate. The only things I ever get encouraged to buy is stuff for the house. This week I filtered out those signals and grasped the nettle and bought a big sit-on kayak.


I genuinely went looking for this on Slowtwitch :laughing: