Better than a Timex?

There is even a “Finishers Edition”

a black and gold piece exclusively available for IRONMAN® race finishers

Only £2,720


“Breitling becoming the new Official Luxury Watch of IRONMAN”

so Timex is the Official Cheap Watch of IRONMAN :grin:


@Poet I’m sure you’ll be along to tell us no-one should wear a watch that only costs that little regardless of how much of an Ironman!


Not much of a watch wearer anymore.
Apple Watch is all you need now :+1:t3:
Hermes version, obvs.

only available to delivery drivers of course :wink:


When I win, maybe. Kona that is.

As a complete watch whore I immediately want one

I don’t even wear the two nice watches I have now; so I certainly don’t need more analogue wrist-wear!

So what distinguishes the Std IM watch from the one for Finishers? Maybe they need Sub 12, 10 & Kona versions too :rofl:

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and the 2021 non-swim option finishers get version that’s missing a second hand

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A 1940s Rolex and a Speedmaster in the drawer that never see the light of day…


It only has 17 hours in a day…or it stops and starts packing up…


I’m actually going to Newport next week to meet my peers and some of my time. Thought ‘ooh I can wear my nice watch’. just gotta find it now! :thinking: :laughing:

I usually wear an Apple Watch day to day. Always try and remember to wear the ‘good’ watch at least once a week.

It’s a Breitling that I bought 16 years ago. Used part of an inheritance when my father passed away.

I used to wear it every day until I got the Apple.

Same; I would just pop my Polar HRM on for sessions.

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I might try wearing three watches at the same time.

Aqua terra, AW and Forerunner. Should pretty cool.


You’ve got 4 limbs 💁


DC Rainmaker UK edition


I have to add…

At age 30 my wife bought me a wonderful timepiece, an Omega Seamaster I’ve already promised to my eldest upon his 21st. Obviously I never wear it as you’ll have to prise the Garmin from my cold dead hands.

Now…age 46 and 47 within a fortnight, thoughts for both of us turn to 50th ideas. This looks wonderful. Never done the tattoo. Can’t really abide needles (despite being a frigging dr) so I like the idea of something with a subtle IM logo, even if the watch is anything but. And the black and gold is very appealing.


No frigging way I could afford that. Not with all the money we(I) spend on tri stuff. This hobby is so frigging expensive, even before family life comes in, that in 20 years with a massive increase in both of our actual incomes I’m effectively priced out of a watch that is apparently aimed at the likes of me.

Alanis Morrisette- now THAT is irony!!

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Vasectomies are free :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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ETA if that’s about the 3 kids…no, I would say over and above that I’d still be skint…

And I’ve had the snip. For. Free. And awake. Hardcore.