Bike fit results

So 3.5 hours with George Fox this afternoon. Started with road bike.

  • Cleats straight back
  • Saddle clamp reversed to bring saddle 30mm forwards
  • Stem up slightly

Brings saddle BB a bit closer to the TT bike position. I was a little high and reaching you much. Fels much more comfortable one he’d finished.

TT bike

Apparently hip angle was too closed, cups were flexing too much because of the clamp position, hands a bit gappy.

  • Saddle forwards lots
  • Stem up
  • Poles rotated in
  • Cups in one screw hole
  • Tried a few helmets and Giro Aerohead was what he recommended. Before and after pics. Result looks decent.

He did say my home done attempts weren’t bad and I had done the right thing with getting high side arm cups and angled riser.


Wow, you can see some real differences. The back is flatter but the frontal area is massively reduced.

I’ve not had a fit for getting more aero. Mine were more all about comfort. Interesting that you say yours is more comfortable also, double win.


Looks like money well spent :+1:


There are only a few who do aero bike fits. The TT shrug isn’t comfortable but the open hip angle will hopefully close some of the gap to the power I get on the road bike.

The cost was in line with most other decent fitters.

The guy has a low 18:xx 10 miles to his name and a 50:xx 25TT on a road bike :exploding_head:


Our guy in MK (Magic Mike at Velomotion) does it all, but my flexibility and back ache was a problem. Lot of our club have had aero enhancement fittings.

I know a few who have been there and they all are very happy.

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I went to him with my first TT bike. A planet X. He took a 2 second look at it and said its too small for you. But he made it work with some changes. I had a pre fit before I bought the P3 to make sure it was right.

I need a huge stack and medium reach and not many frames have that.

I bet your keen to go and test the changes to see the improvements. Have you got some decent “before” data? Really interested to see what improvements it brings.

I’ll be sticking it on the turbo for 6 weeks to get used to the position and take it outside in March. Got to books some races to really try it.

Did Hemel 10 with a PM a few times so back there to see the difference.


Great looking fit.

Looking very slippery!

Do you mind sharing how much it cost?

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One bike is £220 two bikes is £290. So that was TT and roadie in one go


How are your shoulders so narrow in the second pic?

Looks fantastic from the front btw

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Rolled shoulders up and tucked chin in. Being able to push out on the side of the cups helps. I had to bring bring bars up to even get close but it meant my head dropped down into the pocket behind arms.

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Thank you.

Seems to be the going rate

Does it make you faster on Zwift though?


That’s much cheaper. You just go on a diet.

That frontal pic is great though @Jgav.

Hope you can get nice and comfy there for 2.20 in July! Do you think you’ll fatigue in the shoulder areas through virtue of having to have the ‘shrug’ sort of ‘turned on’? Or with the cups, is it more of a natural position without conscious effort?

Good question. The basic position was comfy and pretty good, shrug and turtle are something I’ll need to work on but will get me the rest of the way to a slippery position. I’ll save the 100% position for the fastest parts of the course and ride in the very comfy 80% position for the rest.


I was fitted by John Dennis and Mike when hosting a Retul university…still use same set up today some 15+ yaers on…

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I like the Retul fits. Andy Sexton did my road and tri bike fitting years and years ago and from day one it was so comfortable. It also stopped a recurring ITB issue I used to get on long rides too.

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I used Andy years ago too. Still using same setup on the road bike, but with the TT bike I had a refit last year with someone more local. Like @Jgav it was a fit including aero, as on the TT bike there is the compromise between comfort, power & aero. Following a strict formula (e.g. RETUL) would struggle to cope with that, given it’s so individual.

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I think that’s where the knowledge and experience of the fitter comes into it as well. I changed a few things bar/saddle etc and had another fit with Performance Bikes years later and it never felt as good. I gave it time for adjustment but the long rides always got uncomfortable towards the end.