Bike fit results

for those interested, here’s a Dutch article commenting on Kristian Blummenfelt’s bike fit in a visit to a wind tunnel in Eindhoven (unless you speak Dutch slap Google Translate on)

the guy is a freak!

What an odd fit. It just doesn’t look like it works and causes all kinds of compromises.

yeh - it looks so wrong. I wonder if that’s because of Blu or because of the bike - either way it looks like a compromise. but it seems to work for him!

I think i used Andy once, was he at BikeScience?

I haven’t had a fit for ages but my last one, and the position I kept for a few years on the Bianchi was with The Bike Whisperer in Thatcham.

Yeah, he’s Bike Science. It was a shop in Bristol when I went, in I’m guessing 2014/15. I think he’s more to Gloucestershire now in more of a home studio type setup.

Ah right, it was Bristol I went to, fairly near Halfords. He was dealing in the Legend brand quite a bit.

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Yeah i saw some pics on insta a while back. Iden was taking the piss out of it. Looks proper weird!

There’s a long thread on ST about it. One of the theories is that Giant have a new TT bike ready to release and that the old bike is a very odd fit so the extensions he’s using are to get him a position on this bike that will ultimately be for the new one.

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I think it’s mentioned in the Dutch article that Giant have a new TT bike coming so what Blu has is a stop-gap

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Just got a quote for a fit.

£375! Was not expecting that

That seems like a lot to me. One bike or two?

One ffs!

Their angle is that it’s more than a fit with advice on equipment and looking through cda data from previous racing with ongoing adjustments and advice.

Significantly cheaper to drive up to Matt Botrill

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Yeah, I’d be doing that or going to the guy I used who was one of the original fitters for MB

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