Bike storage

Looking for a recommendation for an external bike storage box type thing. It’s for a paved back yard that’s pretty secure. Would prefer steel construction for security but open to suggestions based on experience. Two adult bikes and two kids bikes ideally.

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Ooh watching this with interest. May need to alleviate some space in the shed, and a metal bike ‘box’ next to the shed would deffo help.


I looked at this earlier this year. For secure storage, there are essentially 2 options in the UK.

Asgard -
Trimetals -

Both much pricier than your wooden overlap or plastic Keter type bike shed but obviously much more secure. I’m trying to decide which one and it’s mostly based on size and where I can put the thing.


Thanks. Had seen the Trimetals version but not the Asgard. As you say, expensive but look like what I want!

A workmate bought an Asgard one and he’s really happy with it. Really solid. I am going to get one for our bikes. The plastic ones just don’t look especially robust. Our wooden garden shed had the door smashed through to steall bikes, they couldn’t get the locks or the hinges off. They didn’t get away with anything as there was a load of wood between them and the bikes. I learnt you can’t buy shed doors so I built it out of thicker wood and routed the edges so it would sit in properly.

Hopefully it doesn’t come with the bikes inside sticker on it!

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I have an Asgard bike store. Very heavy, solid construction. Absolutely worth the investment if you have a bike worth protecting.


Loads of people at cycle club have the Asgard and rate them.

Or, just move house and get a basement :man_shrugging:t4:

Asgard also do club discount, so if you message them with your club name, you get a further 10% off.

Any thoughts in how the big Asgard ones would fair as a secure pain cave? Clearly not as pretty as a proper outbuilding, but would certainly seem secure. And they show electrical sockets etc.

Lack of windows for ventilation (just open the doors?), and being very cold in winter, and potentially very hot in summer, are the obvious concerns.

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Was considering the same. Not ideal, but far cheaper than building one.

what’s with the really dodgy photos on both websites though?!

Turns out the Asgard was the one i was looking at last month. Think iut’s annoyingly a tad too high to go beside the shed without blocking the window.

Thanks for the input. Asgard certainly the frontrunner, just need to get some measurements at the new gaff.

Condensation would be my biggest concern in a metal building. They’re pretty bad at the best of times but if you’re working out in there it’s going to be 10 times worse.

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Finally got round to ordering an Asgard 3 bike store today. 15% discount with Bluelight card whish helps. Expensive but I think it’s worth it as I really need more bike space. Been keeping one in a bathroom.


Will be interested to hear how delivery goes, and the build, as they’re no doubt a hefty delivery! And also see how you find the size in real life. I’m 50/50 on getting one. We need one for the bikes we use more regularly, as our “dumping ground” of a dining room since moving will eventually need clearing out. But having measured it out, it’s a lot more imposing than I was hoping. I really don’t get the height of them … they could be a good foot shorter, and still comfortably fit bikes??

Oh, and will be interested to know practical lead time!

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Their website says 12 to 14 weeks, so very long.

As for height, not something I’m worried about given where its going. I’ve added an internal shelf and some hooks for bike bits and bobs.


Just placed my own order. Realised we got 10% club discount which was a bonus. Also added the bundle bits.


And it’s here. Need to find some time to build it


How long a lead time was that in the end?