Black Friday 2019 deals

Different things were getting posted all over, so thought it best to consolidate in one thread as there’s probably going to be a number of things of different types popping up quite regularly over the next couple of weeks.

A specific question from me. I have the Gabba 3 … Jorgan raves about the Perfetto Light. The latter is available in version2 from Merlin cycles in most sizes/colours at £70.

The original Perfetto light is available at Westbrook Cycles for £58, just in black.

Anyone able to comment on potential upgrades as to whether it might be worth the extra £12. I’m thinking I just go for the newer one simply because of the optionality on colours, as I’d rather something brighter, but at the same time I’m loathe to spend more than necessary! Googling implies not much substantially changed between the two iterations.

Apparently the pockets are better on vers 2; they don’t have the mesh bottoms that allow road grime into them. Also it’s reported that the tail on the original Gabba/Perfetto tended to ride-up frequently.

You probably don’t need it if you already have a gabba no?

Good question. Thinking is in relation to whether the Gabba can sometimes be too warm

The Gabba 1-3 & RoS have a WS back panel, so yes you might overheat in that. But it’s all personal preference depending on how ‘hot’ you run.

I’ve got a Perfetto RoS LS jersey that I’ve been wearing during the recent colder weather and it is roasting.
The Rapha Pro Winter jacket is much cooler, even though it’s meant to be for colder weather? I certainly wouldn’t wear the Rapha under 5 degrees, as it’d be too cold.

Whatever the one I wore for Outlaw didn’t/doesn’t ride up.

I’ve never noticed grime entering the drainage holes?

You can never have enough kit :wink:

From what I’ve read, the perfetto long sleeve is the same as the gabba, just with sleeves. It’s the perfetto light short sleeve that is the more breathable windstopper fabric, plus the meshy type back panel. Such a great naming policy!

I’ve the new “renamed” Perfetto!
They’ve brought it all under one naming convention now.
My short sleeve Perfetto light is also warm!
The gilet is good, too.

But the AeroAR (or whatever they are) shorts are garbage.

Basically, I bought two tops for different conditions. They’ve ended up being swapped, despite the temperature range the internet said!

My Btwin Decathlon £15 super special is the -3 to 3 degree jacket. It’s brilliant!
Anything under -3 and I’m staying in :wink:

Hoka Oh-nay Oh-nay! Kona 40th centenary editions down to €80 on Ironman EU store.

They can’t decide if they have my size.

Yes, because you have Version 2.0!

Huub black friday deals are live.
Archimedes 3 for £275… :thinking: I really don’t need it. And I do need a new phone!

I’ve always been intrigued by the Anemoi overshoes, but there’s just nowhere I’ve ever seen that actually gives a realistic insight into practical usage in tri, factoring in transition etc.

The Norseman specific trisuit is also down to only £80 from £200. I’m again wondering if that might be a useful thing to have in reserve for colder events (i.e. Wales)…

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Fess up @stenard - do you have a neoprene fettish?

I’d appreciate a heads-up if someone spots a deal on Favero Assioma pedal based power meters.

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Unlikely I think, but there’s always the DCR code for discount on Clever Training. They seem like the PM of the moment looking at the Slowtwitch poll.

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Cheers @Jorgan.

Clever Training have a 20% off offer if you pay $10 to become a VIP member which seems to bring the price down more than the DCR 10% code.

Have I read that you’ve had reason to return your pedals? Do you return them to Favero or point of purchase?

That was ‘operator error’ it transpires :roll_eyes: They were constantly dropping out, but only because I had different crank lengths assigned in the Favero App and my 2 Garmins. So take note :upside_down_face: They go back to Favero in Italy; £35 insured with DHL in my case, which I could have effectively saved. The customer service was very good, and they were turned around in about a week.

^^ the crank thing is something I didn’t have to account for with previous PMs.

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Is that just on the US store? Just looking now, seems like they’re £400 via EU store, so £360 with DCR 10%.

Or $414 = $340 for VIP members. Plus $30 shipping = £290.

Is that right? Is a lot cheaper than anything else I’ve found! My friend is trying to sell his second hand for £300.

Be aware. You’d have to pay import duties and vat if you buy from the US store.

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I was looking at external SSD drives yesterday on Amazon, and noticed today there were several flagged as Black Friday Deals. Yet the prices are the same as yesterday, they’ve just bumped the RRP up to show a 40% discount.

Crooks I tell you!!!

I’m no Martin Lewis, but that sounds dodge.