Black Friday Gear Deals?

Post your Black Friday Deals here.
(sorry, I haven’t got any yet :smiley: )

Think Eurosport are doing half price annual subscription. Think they cover pretty much all cycling. Not sure about Tri…

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If people don’t follow the Nike shoes thread then Nike have a big sale on.

‘Bright30’ for another 30% off most stuff. Got some normal Pegs for 51 quid courtesy of @mw22 I think it was that first posted.


Yup just got two pairs of Pegasus for a shade over £100 delivered using that code from the Nike thread. That’s me sorted for runners for 2021 thanks tritalk!


You just saved me £20!!! Thank you.

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Posted in the Nike thread but many thanks, a £51 pair of Pegs on their way.

BTW, I tried to get some kids running stuff for Little One but the code didn’t work on that. (I’m sure the stuff would have been too big anyway)

Funny you should say that. Was just about to look for our youngest. Now I won’t bother.

Yeah didn’t seem to work for me, wondered if it was either the product or if the code one time per member because I’d already paid for shows.

I think the running specific stuff is too big for my 6yr old, so would be too big for your kids.

I was just hoping for some little trainers. We’ve bought tiny ones in the past, and they’ve been quite good.

Huub have a big sale on.

I’ll stretch my computer skills to the limit and tri… see what I did there …

And post it up tomorrow.

Lots of BOGOF deals on cycling stuff

And that anemoi + suit is half price … if they haven’t already gone.

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haha good point, I forgot to look at trainers! :laughing:

Is their cycle gear any good?

Been looking for a running jacket around £50. Some degree of wind/water resistance and pockets would be good. Can I find one? Can I feck.

Saw a 2xu xvent for £40, now can’t see it anywhere other than at £80.

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Got two tops

Lasting well so far, nice fit a medium seems exactly that.

The bibs get great reviews from people I know personally … never tried there cycle shorts yet.

Raceskin have a decent sale on. Their kit is of good quality and especially good value at these prices. Raceskin Shop

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There shorts ( tri, LD pad) are the best I have ever had, by some margin.


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In need of at least 1 Jersey and shorts, probably 2 of both. Was going to go for dhb/decathlon but these sales bring Huub/Raceskin down to similar prices, cheers. Heard good things about raceskin quality so £80 for an outfit that seems good value. Didn’t even know Huub made cycling gear though.


Bought 2 pairs of the HUUB bibshorts for £105 all-in with postage. Thanks for posting that link. Great deal!


Don’t do this! I could do with a second pair of bibs and a second jersey. But I’ve been spending like money’s going out of fashion lately.