Bread makers

Anyone got one? If so, which one and is it any good?

Ours has sat in the cupboard for 10 years without being used more than 3 times in the first month of ownership


Yes, we use it every day. Usually make white, wholemeal or seeded loaf. Also use for pizza dough and the occasional raisin loaf. Bread is miles better than shop bought and you know what’s in it.

Can’t go wrong with Panasonic. We’ve had other brands, but they’ve never lasted or been as good.


we have a very good baker in the watermill where I volunteer as a miller. much easier to give Alex a few £ than buy a bread maker

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I Use warburtons never had any issues with them :rofl:


Have you looked at the ingredients though :hushed:.


I’d also buy one if I knew what to buy. Up north we had a small bakery chain called Cooplands & they made a small loaf called a Cooplands Roughage, it was soo nice but they’ve gone to the wall & nobody seems to know the recipie.

I’d love to be able to reproduce that little loaf & have a fresh one couple of times a week.



their lovely thick slice white bread ( full of shite) covered in salted lurpak butter


The salt there is probably the best nutriant :grinning:


@doka - the one on Baxtergate in Whitby is still open :white_check_mark::+1:t3:
I think there’s one in the Co-Op supermarket too.

Nice easy trip for you.


Now on our third breadmaker in about 15 years. Currently with a Panasonic that we’ve had for maybe 4-5 years?

We use it for most of our bread - maybe 4 loaves a week and also for pizza dough once a week. Personally, I only like to use white bread flour. Any other type of flour seems to mostly come out with dwarf bread (Dwarf Bread - Discworld & Terry Pratchett Wiki). We do add seeds to the mix as well sometimes and I also like to make just bread dough and make rolls, baguettes, plaited loaf etc. My wife also uses it to make play dough for the kids.

Can do a quick loaf in 2 hours and it’s also great to put it on the timer overnight and wake up with a fresh loaf of bread.

It’s cheaper than buying in the shops and doesn’t have any of the preservatives that pretty much any shop bought bread has so doesn’t come under ultra processed.


find it hard to believe cheaper than a loaf from aldi

2 hours electricity ?
ingredients ?

TBH this is where it’s all coming from. Bread is probably our worst vice, but we love it. But the wife and I have been more and more thoughtful about food provenance etc especially as more information comes out around gut health, biomes, UPF and the like.

The latest couple of podcasts Mrs GB have listened to made a pretty compelling case away from what we think of as bread!! Don’t get me wrong, we’ll still likely have to use supermarkets. But if we can move to a few loaves a week where we know what ingredients are going in, then it’s one more small, but positive step.

We’ve also got a great little mill down the road, so can get our flour from there.

Which version do you have @hillwall . The Panasonics do seem to be on every ‘top 5/10’ list or review that i’ve been reading.

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You inspired me to get it out. An old Kenwood model

We got it back from a family member who’d borrowed it because we wanted to make our own bread for UPF and preservative reasons. Life means we don’t use it enough but it only takes 5 mins to setup.

Doing a mixed white and rye egg enriched loaf now.


You don’t need a bread maker to make your own bread…

The one we had (maybe still have somewhere) used dried milk in a lot of recipes. Not sure how processed that is. It fell out of use because it takes a lot of counter space. From memory it was easy to make a standard loaf, bit more of a faff to use it to make dough for other types of bread. Without all the supermarket additives, the bread goes stale quickly, but not a problem if the whole family are going to be munching it.

Trust me, you do if your family life is as hectic as ours! We haven’t even managed the time to fleece our dahlia bed. Now i’m worried the bulbs are going to die in the frost. Probs should’ve just got on with it and done it at night - but that’s part of my point. We’re hopelessly inefficient as a family at times!

Yeah longevity really isn’t an issue with us! We get through almost a loaf a day, and the girls are still only small.

I think someone bought the Cooplands name & I’m pretty sure they don’t sell the original roughage. Would be happy to be wrong though.

This method of making it by hand is so quick, you go from wet, floury mess to dough in less than 10 mins.

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We’ve got a Morphy Richards Fast Bake which we use most weekends through the winter :bread:

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We have a Panasonic, very easy to use and has been completely reliable.

Would recommend.

Other family members have had other brands and been disappointed

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