Brian Chapman Memorial Audax (600k) - 2020

Has anyone here done it? It’s on my to-do list, hopefully next year.

Anyone else fancy a 600km ride across Wales and back? (south>north>south) start & finish in Chepstow.

Map trace from a guy I follow:

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Didn’t @ed_m do this a few weeks ago?

This was on my bucket list but after doing a 600 last year, I’m not so sure.

Chepstow is pretty local to me, so this event makes most sense. Plus Wales has some great cycling roads.

Pretty sure the BCW is postal entry only and you might have to be an AUK member too. Worth checking

Defo have to be AUK member.

I have just done a lot of this - doing it in one hit would be hard work.
Pity the return trip shares the same roads so much. That could easily be avoided

I guess they look different on the way back though, when you’re utterly shattered :upside_down_face:

Not guilty :slight_smile: