Brilliant bigger guys and gals >90kg

I have a stryd. I can concur that ii ran a half marathon at about 102kg in 2:13 (my slowest ever and pretty much untrained) AP273 NP284

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I think beer plays a huge role here. I gave up since new year until around the 2nd week of lockdown when I just thought, oh screw this. With the beer comes the lethargy though and I haven’t done my usual early morning runs for a good couple of months now. I tend to need the motivation of an event to shift my thinking back the other way. Only um 55 weeks to go or something…

My new bike has arrived. Well, it’s at home, I’m at work…First road bike in 5 years. I can’t help thinking it’ll break as soon as I look at it. I can see intermittent fasting in my future…maybe my motivation is here.


beer for me means i end up eating more. I can have just 2 or 3 pints of an evening and Im at the bread/cheese or anything i can eat. I can end up adding half a days food “allowance” without thinking on top of the beer so that couple of beers ends up ruining a whole week of eating well.


Yep that’s it. Calories end up being all consumed at the end of the day, entirely wrong way to go about things.

For me it’s just the weekend. But when planning century rides I’d always absolutely abstain. When planning 40-50 milers there’s not as much impetus. Rinse and repeat.

I’m glad the much-vaunted obesity plan isn’t solely focused on getting folks on bikes. I’m living proof that isn’t the most important bit!

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At the start of lockdown I went from 95-99kg. Hitting 99 was a wake-up call for me as I raced IMUK at 82kg in 2013 and I wasn’t that lean then (184cm tall).

Since the 99kg weigh-in on May 18th I’ve dropped to 90.5kg. Mostly by not drinking 3-4 beers every day and eating shit-ton of crisps, chocolate & takeaway pizza in the week.

Burgers/pork/fishcakes & salad for lunch. Having porridge for breakfast instead of Crunch Nut cornflakes. As hammerer said, eating more food that fills me up.

Long way to go to get to fighting weight but I feel miles better.


the relevance?

Well I’d say in a thread devoted to the special difficulties of carrying too much weight pointing out that id have to basically meet my ftp just to run slowly, if I lost weight from where am I now,is highly relevant. Ergo need to shift the weight.

But please , go ahead and be as rude as you like!

No intention to be rude, i’d simply like to understand the number…

I think that people who are not those size do not understand how difficult it can be. I have found that tools like BBS shit the bed when you put my weight it. They just cant comprehend the effort involved in hauling that much weight up hill.

Unless you’ve lived it you wont know. I can put out some decent watts. When I have been on club camps in Lanza I can sit on the front in the wind for a long time, but the minute we hit a hill I’m buggered


The concept of burning matches too. I simply can’t go up anything resembling a hill below FTP, remotely steep and I’m into 300/400W territory just to maintain forward progress.


yep - know that feeling. I towed a line of about 20 into a headwind at IM Florida at about 100miles in -bastards all came past me as we hit PCB, and one of them actually said “thanks for the tow”. Twat.

IM Wales with it’s constant ups and downs was my slowest IM bike - conversely flat Florida was my fastest. with flat bike courses us big blokes can at least keep the power going without gravity adding more woe.


Ironman Wales…what a sh*tshow!

I was so slow. That hill up from wiseman’s bridge was the stuff of nightmares for the committed gravity dodger…

Even the sexy nuns at the top couldn’t make me smile…

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I’ll let the nuns know you said that, they were from my club!

I’ve never done a flat course (Wales x3, Nice x1), but have been progressively heavier each time so have a good idea of the difference it makes. Think last year I would’ve been about 96kg, compared to 85ish the first time.

Currently 102kg, on my way down from an all time high of 106kg in May. I’m running pretty well, but after each run I can’t help but think how much easier it’d be with 15kg less bouncing around.

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I’d say it was a triumph on their part that I and others remembered them with so little blood circulating upstairs!

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I have seen this in action. I rode with a bigger guy once (maybe 6’3" 100kg) he was fine on the flat, but the moment there was an incline he just disappeared behind me. Gravity is a bitch!


Was that in Austria, 2010 :wink:

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If he wasn’t so honest, a little bit of drafting and slingshot of this big guy could have been worth 41 seconds.

(Is this that race?)

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This is just a bump for anyone who might be inspired by the current TT Zwift gang…

It’s a call-out to our bigger brethren if they fancy something similar…

I’m guessing some may only be lurkers rather than having announced their presence already…welcome if so…

Anyway all you need is a zwift presence and an ability to go 1.0-2.5 W/kg for a goodly horrible time, and we can work out the rest…


Is this for the Zwift meetup that @Daz has arranged?

I’m keen to join you guys but need to get some Zwifting experience in first…

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