Brutal Events

Finally, after much procrastinating I have put my entry in for Brutal Deca next year. Held at Milfield School near Glastonbury.

I’m doing the 10 iron distance races in 10 days version as the continuous would be too hard for me.

Some big training sessions to be completed between now and next July and already planning Easter as 4 big days biking and running.

If anyone lives near Glastonbury/Street, I’d love some info on the bike route and how hard it is (very I’d imagine)


That is mental!

@FatPom is your man for that area. :+1:



What a goal, good luck.


Millfield = GCN indoor pool :white_check_mark:

Good luck!!!

Just seen this thread. Making a brew and will have a look, stay tuned caller…


12km out and back bike route and 1.7km run loop :dotted_line_face: Yikes. Thats gonna be a test!


I love that everyone else uses adjectives like Savage, Brutal, Mental… I read this and think, that looks like a fun challenge

Good luck @hillwall I will probably be the only one following with FOMO


Even in this niche corner of the internet we all have different vices.

My big issue with it is the repetitiveness. Especially on such short laps. I’d struggle to get any ‘fun’ from it (even type 2). But respect anyone giving it a go!

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OK, I’m a bit confused. The Strava link for me is a bit basic because I don’t have an account but the descriptions don’t add up for me. Looking at the red line, you are almost certainly leaving Sub Road on the left turn in Butleigh.
I checked on Google Maps and I don’t think it’s Sub Road all the way. It’s a bit weird, I know the area but I rarely know what the roads are called.
Butleigh Hill is the climb on the route (I think) and that’s ok, bit of a grind but it’s over quick. (interesting Paul Double on the leaderboard, he’s an old club mate).
It’s not a direction that we usually go. If we’re going through Butleigh, we have nearly always either come from High Ham/Low Ham or heading to/from Charlton Mackerill (which is the hill that drops to Somerton).
I know Sub Road a bit though and it is not flat but you can definitely get a rhythm on. It gets quite narrow in places and the local red diesel fiddlers take no prisoners along there, so be careful.
You’ll miss the main Street traffic, so getting in and out should not hold you up too much but depending where you actually start, you might be crossing the main road that goes to Somerton, it’s 40mph limit but cars can bomb along there.

Like most places down there, you’re main concern will be high hedgerow blocking views, locals going fast to avoid the other roads clogged up with clueless grockles but it’s not a road I’d be overly concerned about.
I’ll double check with my mate that lives in Glastonbury to make sure I’m thinking of the right hill. Pray I am, because if it’s ‘the other one’ you are well and truly fucked. :smile:


Bike course certainly looks hilly. 6,500ft climb per Ironman. Compared to 8,800ft for IM Wales, 7,800ft for Lanza. Hopefully still TT bike all the way.

Most people always seem put off by the repetitiveness but in reality this means you actually see other humans regularly. When you do a point to point ultra you don’t see others for hours and hours which is harder mentally. The repeated laps mean you get to see support crew, don’t need to carry tons of food, can change clothes/bike/anything if required and means when you are brain dead after a few days you don’t have to try and navigate


The issue is safety.
And ensuring the medics can be close enough to the competitors at all times.

But yes, doesn’t appeal to me either.

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Good luck Millwall. WCPGW.

nb. I had no idea it was so hilly, great.

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Jeez…. Good luck @hillwall.

You on Strava?

I am indeed on Strava.


‘Kin ‘ell Lad :exploding_head:

You and @APM can be 5am buddies :joy::joy::joy:

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Initial recce from one of the other competitors yesterday suggests the bike course will be much harder than other ultra tri bike courses. This coming from someone who has already done 2 deca, 1 quin and several triple events on Brutal and Enduroman courses.

I’ve also been looking back at my own times and for the quin at Enduroman (a decade ago) it had 4700ft climb per ironman. My best bike time was 7:11 (road bike, without aerobars and including stops as I just never ate or drank whilst riding)

So 4 key bike areas to focus on

  1. Comfort
  2. Aero
  3. Weight
  4. Nutrition whilst moving

Having not completed a triathlon in a decade, what’s the current bike set up people tend to use now? I’m sure my thinking will be way out of date and there may be bottle/food holders which I don’t know about. I should be able to refuel every hour so don’t need to carry lots

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I sent the link to my mate and he said he’d look but I haven’t heard back. I’ll chase him up. I’m down there myself next week, won’t have the bike but happy to drive it for you.

Actually quite interested in the single day race here, mostly because it’s a pool swim.