Challenge Miami

Paid my £2.99

Anne Haug is out with a positive COVID test

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Windy AF

Last minute payment from me too. 6.2k viewers atm.

They are heading to the first booey.

How do you watch it? Any linkage going?

So women’s race started. When is men’s?


£2.99 watch on Fbook

Men’s at about 8:15

Was undecided but succumbed in the end.
My indecision cost me an extra £1, oh the humanity!


I just had to Google Perez Sala, pro cyclist and competed at Olympics for Spain in breast stroke. (That’s some fair credentials)
Ps. Sorry if this has all been said in the commentary, not had sound on most of time.


Yeah paid up myself just now.

Sala has 19s on Lucy then two more brits 1m30 behind her :uk:

Is stimpson starting to go backwards? +1m35 has become 1m50

Edit: Looks like there’s a 15s swing depending on course position, presumably due to the technical section

Findlay moving up ominously, feels a bit like Daytona.

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That Perez looks part of that bike
Poc smurf hat too!


Very early but that lead looks like they might stay away?


Well that penalty makes it waaaaay more interesting

It will be interesting how Stimps and Findlay run with LCB around them

So Perez was overtaking a slower rider, and LCB went up the inside

so if you ride tight to the outside of the track nobody can pass you !

When Perez passed LCB she went nice and wide.

She was doing the same to the slower rider.

LCB wasn’t paying attention