Challenge Miami

Who got how much penalty?

Perez Sala is poetry. If she can run that is one dangerous puppy just announced herself.

Saw Dubai results earlier, DNF Skipper at T2 (no idea why, although he was way off pace) and Ryf stomped all over the ladies race.

LCB gives away as many pens as the England rugby team…


I think i read that his calf wasn’t right. Possibly cramping

LCB 2 mins


2mins has to be too much on this field

Cramp I believe. Apparently there was rampant drafting in the men’s race, which Skipper did not benefit from due to his weaker swim.

Andi Boecherer called it “the train of shame”:

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Perez can’t hold aero

I’ll send her some LONG turbo tips !


Bit of a calamitous t2 for Lucy!

I think “she hasn’t raced for 15 months” is very generous

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Stimps is looking good


Just checked out her form

2004 olympics breaststroke, pro team cyclist- a swim bike specialist?

Ben Hoffman just looks like the dad next door doesn’t he.


And the Lionel is away.
Might be time to start dropping in on ST, especially if he’s struggling.

can Jodie do it, not that we’ll find out now the mens race has started

She’s looking strong. Pass coming it looks like.

Exactly, this coverage is ridiculous. You could have started the men’s race 45mins later. How hard would it have been to do that :rage:


Jodie’s run form looks excellent!

Hoping Lucy can make up a place


She was catching for sure. The Spaniard didn’t look too smooth. Think we’ll see a UK 1-2 here. Nobody catching JS

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Jodie looking amazing


Be great for Jodie to win. She hasn’t had the best of luck racing over the last few years.

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