Commonwealth Games 2022

Disqualification in a final? That’s a bit harsh

Canada? Syncro diving… did they even practice lol

Hockey - gf says ‘get that the fuck off to the red button. Anyone that watches that needs a word with themselves’ :smile:

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Probably would have seen the alpacas as the road race went past had the images not been so utterly shit


400m final - good grief, talk about timing from the Zambian

I like the commentator, he said ‘she came from yesterday to win that’ :joy:


38.36 for a 10km walk? :open_mouth:


1500m final and 5000m tonight

Great 4x100

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Theres an adult walker at El Niños AC and occasionally he joins in (his son runs and its an “open” track). He was doing 200reps faster than most of the kids :hushed: looked weird but he’d beat me in a race. :rofl:


There used to be a monthly-ish 5k at the Alexander many years ago and a couple of the Birchfield walkers used to take part, great watching anyone new to the races as they were overtaken early on and never got anywhere near them again


Two minutes of watching the badminton doubles and I’m done with the screaming every time a point is won, maybe the road race is somewhere on iplayer or similar

Yep, group of 15 3 mins clear, including Thomas and Wright.

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When did Ben Swift start racing for the Isle of Man?

Presumably he qualifies by residency?

Looking like a sprint finish - no one seems to be able to get away. G’s put in a lot of energy chasing down attacks

Only watched from about 60km to go but it’s been a good race with loads of attacks

Counterattack to come when the gap closes?

Poor result for England - 3 riders in the front group and no medal

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None of the English lads are sprinters though :man_shrugging:

Entertaining race anyway


Re the walk, I used to know one of our best race walkers. He’d regularly pop up at 10k road races, for ‘relaxation’ and run 31-32 minutes. You don’t realise they are proper athletes!


20k race walk world record is 1:16:36. They’re incredible athletes. Why not just run? it looks like they’re all heading for a hip injury.