Commuting & Winter Riding Thread

When I worked 26km away, routine was:

Monday morning drive in with spare shirt on a hanger, pants, socks, running kit, bike kit, deodorant.
Monday evening ride home

Tuesday morning ride in
Tuesday evening drive home via running club sess

Wednesday day off

Thursday morning drive in + spare shirt, pants, socks , bike kit.
Thursday evening ride home

Friday morning ride in
Friday evening drive home with all the dirties.

This meant never having to ride with a bag which I hate. On the odd occasions I got out of sync , just rolled up a m&s easy care shirt as above & probably looked like Worzel Gummidge

More importantly it meant getting that exercise fix without having to think too hard except on Sunday night.

Edit to say: summer only. Tried it in the dark a few times and it scared the bejeezus


Did that this morning, think it’s worked well enough :+1:

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My panniers have the standard side pockets and a top box - I always put the shirt on top of the other stuff in the top box. With no weight on it, shirts didn’t crease.

Rohan do good crease free shirts. Quite pricey but they do last for ever :slight_smile:


Next question: wolves have eaten the straps on my panniers. How do you recover from that?

I just about managed to close them this morning, but probably got wolf saliva/rabies/tetanus/AIDS in the process.

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Set a trap, capture the wolves, skin them and make new straps


Possibly the best answer provided on TT this year. Kudos.


Obviously it’s an epidemic :roll_eyes:


This sort of thing really does make me despair