Commuting & Winter Riding Thread

First flat in ages.
Now I generally have a negative outlook on everything; yet once again whilst fixing it my thought process was;

  • at least its dry
  • suns out, warm enough
  • worse roads it couldve happened on

And the overiding thought - despite the smugness of disposable gloves


On my first trip round Wales, I had a puncture after 20 miles (of 600 :roll_eyes: )

It was a new rim and was a bit of a fight to get the tyre off - my fingers were black for the rest of the trip


What a lovely crisp December morning ride. Suns out, no wind and a fresh 2 degrees with no ground frost, just some frozen car windscreens.

Late April… what sorry… no it can’t possibly be!!!


From my photo metadata;

Four years ago: Covid Mk1. 25°

Three years ago: Covid Mk2. 2°

Two years ago: Covid what? 15°

One year ago: dunno. No photo = Didn’t happen :rofl:


Doubt we’ll see a 24h minimum temp below 20°C now until December.

Would have been a lovely morning for a bike ride but the temple is currently undergoing maintenance, maybe next week.

Mrs is back in Dorset right now and the fields / bluebells / trees do look lovely though. No bluebells here.


Thinking about running to work, 21.1km on the next spell of warmer weather but I have run much all year.

Do I really need to ramp up to it if I’m run/walking? Don’t mind aching the next day but don’t want injury either.

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Doable, but running to work means an early start and being tired at work all day. I prefer to run home, I can cycle or drive in the morning and there is secure places to leave by bike or car. Guess you would be public transport.

Don’t like to carry anything, so I can leave my work stuff at work and bike or cycle in the next morning. It’s a 2 hour plus run for me, but if I cycle home it’s an hour, and if I drive it’s 30min then a run or bike from home. So it’s very time efficient way to get a long run in. Only problem last summer was dehydration, so I now have one of those vests with flasks that make it look like I’m running an ultra.


Logistics is a known problem - I’ve run there or back before. Back is uphill and miserable…there and back, and run walk marathon every week might sort out my excess BF!

One thing Inexperimented with was leaving the bike at work;

W Run to work, cycle home

F Cycle to work, run home

Doesn’t have to be the full distance run but loses the money saving aspect

Ruins the lunchtime swim though

I think I’ll answer my own question.

I am fucked after the 10km race yesterday, really shagged 36hrs later.

21km to work is something I’ll need to build to. Not really surprising, I was just mad keen for it - not so much now…


Wednesday will be my first cycle-to-formal-dinner. And rain is predicted. But it’s a short ride.

I’m planning on ditching the suit at work as usual, taking/wearing smart casual in that day. Pull on over tri shorts.

Hope no one nicks the bike as it’ll be double locked outside for the first time in five years. Breaking my rule on not doing so. Cory of London. No thieves there. I mean, all thieves there.

I went to one last week and at least one person was wearing trainers.

Actually, I have a tux I never use. I’ll pack that white plimsoles and a Cinelli tshirt. Startup lounge lizard.


You okay, hun??

I think I’m losing it.

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MTFU, sunshine!
Have a can of JFDI and get running to work!

Here’s my runs over 15km “recently” :joy::rofl:

I’ll run 21km “with you” 👨🏼‍🤝‍👨🏽

It’ll be like lockdown all over again.


Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention? I’ve just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. I need all of you to stop what you’re doing and listen.

My bike was NOT stolen.



It’s in the small ring


A single lock left out on the street. You were playing with fire there


I think the angle of those handlebars and shifters plus white saddle/black bar tape combo would put off any self respecting thief. :slight_smile:


Why is it two sizes too large?
Why are the wheels so big?
What’s with the mahoosive bars?
Who’s lighting a fire under that chimney?
How do my eyes play tricks on me?
Flat pedals? Do you hit up Southbank on the way home and pull some rad tricks, is that why the saddle is so low, to wheelie?


In my head, he’s really short, so everything is normal size but the frame is tiny :man_shrugging:

I wondered about the flat pedals too🙄


Looks far too clean for a commuter, but well done on getting a photo with both tyres fully inflated.


Yesterday I stood looked at the bike, looked at the mudguards. Had a glass of wine and watched Shogun.

Should’ve put them on, what a miserable ride in.