Commuting & Winter Riding Thread

Yeah maybe I can persuade Mrs it’s new bike day :thinking:

“Tyres don’t fit any more boss”

Although probably there’s more chance of spotting an iceberg on Mercury


It’s not just the tyre that wears away. I tried to run 25s on my Van Nik and it seemed OK, but when I took the wheel out it had started to gouge into the forks. I guess every time it picks up a stone or something it goes round and scrapes, or if the wheel goes slightly out of true as already mentioned.
I wouldn’t run them that close personally.


Ok thanks all, verdict is new tyres or new bike

Assuming I can’t persdade Mrs that it’s a good idea to trade up, might see if I can pick up some 28-30mm hybrid tryes somewhere - or will that still be too close do you reckon? The 28mm roadies seemed fine except kept getting punctures

Rode them in this morning btw, felt fine but there’s still a bit of rubbing going on. The crud on the front brake is all the rubber that got shaved off yesterday, mainly from these bits of tread that were sticking out at the side. & yes it was the brake calipers that caught it, not the forks I think


Have you tried the sealant in them?

Far too technical for me but my mtb weirdo mates swear by it.

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My 2c…If you’re going to cut it fine with tyre clearance consider putting some protective helicopter tape under the fork and replace it occasionally if it wears.

Or buy a new bike. Or solid rubber tyres :wink:


Hmmm, that might well be my next bike.

A bit more than I want to pay but less than I expected it to be

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I get 28s on my rim brake bike and there’s enough clearance unless I spend time on a trail where the mud is a bit sticky.
The TPT around Warrington last October springs to mind; had to take the wheels off on the towpath at the end (of the section I rode) and give the brakes a good clean

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Cycling in cycle lane. Range rover in it, so I go on pavement then back into cycle lane. He shouts out the window. Couldn’t quite make it out. Maybe, I’m really fucking sorry for being in the cycle lane fellow human :heart:


I’m using Vittorria Randonneur 28 which haven’t punctured, cheap, high rolling resistance, seem to work off road too.


Might look out for a pair when back home in July :+1: Not sure easy to get out here

Day off today, I’m putting the 28mm decathlon roadies back on ready for tomorrow. you guys convinced me no good could come of the 32mm hybrids constantly rubbing :+1:

Summer is officially in session here, 39C right now with a strong dry wind like a hairdryer. I love it. But feel kind of lazy, this job has taken about 45 minutes so far because I keep going for a sit down in the shade


Cunting punctures.

Swapped tube punctured again.

Fornthenmilkionthntime. Why am I buying a new bike? It’s like I’m buying stress.

At least this time Insuspected it would fail again. After finding no cause I reinflated the new tube and saw a weird bulge in the tyre - maybe not seated properly? Took another ten minutes faffing to get it sorted and my last co2 canister.

Then saw this…

Fuck the world.

Of course it the day my whole team are in for a 9:30 meeting.

I fucking hate punctures.


Fuck Vittoria.


Commuting packed lunches.

I’m out of money, cycling means I can get to work but need to take food with me.

About 600kJ to get in 600kJ swim at lunch, 600kJ ride home.

Pre-ride: porridge, brown sugar
Lunch: mothers pride and two slices of cheese

Maybe, I could take a protein shake. And there’s a gungy looking banana left

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Do you really think in terms of calories?

Breakfast: overnight oats
Snack: Trek bar
Lunch: Bagel with a filling
Snack: Fruit


I’ve got 18km this morning and it is pissing it down :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::roll_eyes:

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Wash your mouth out Timothy!!