Critique my position/bike/thighs

A long long long time ago, people got dressed up in their living room/kitchen/cellar/dining room and propped themselves up on something whilst someone else took photos.

The poor saps then uploaded their photos to TT1.0, where they were ripped to shreds.

I’m hoping to start the same again (bars have come down to 10mm since this was taken)

Not wishing to be obvious, but that’s not your kitchen

It’s a really nice picture, bars could probably come down a bit, but you have done that. Could get your head in a bit more of a turtle position. I think you look a little bit too good for that Planet X bike… those brake calipers are not very aero, and Di2 shifters would be a good upgrade

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Your cranks are level and you’re in the big ring. #bonuspoints


And it’s a massive 55 ring (42 inner)
No hills around here.

Yeah, didn’t notice my head was like that!
Always thought it was tucked.
With these new helmets, you can’t feel the nun of it on your back, to know when it’s tucked.

Bike is great for now - LOADS of these at the event this weekend.
Was about same price as that new Garmin, too.

Are you trying to snare wildlife with that rear mech cable :rofl:



Only jealous, I’d need to remove a few vertebrae to get that low these days!

Nicked off IMJ today.



That’s more like it, JeffB!

So very very true. I am comfortable on my Venge but only because the stack is so large.

Nice shed, but why paint it green?

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Arse looks quite big.

Any useful feedback will come after 9 June :slightly_smiling_face:

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Position looks a bit too ‘perched’ to me as if you’re not planning on being there is a couple of minutes time and have just posed in the position you think you should be and not the position you’ve been for the last .hour or more.

Hey ho if you’re comfortable but there’s something wrong which is hard to describe.

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That’s the position I adopted for the 25TT this weekend.
Got out of the saddle twice, both times to maintain momentum up a slight rise.

I know what you mean about “perched”
Far too much saddle on show!

I don’t think lower is the answer for that photo, possibly longer as you look a bit scrunched up at the front. Almost like the saddle could go back slightly.

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If the saddle went back any further he’s be sitting on the crossbar !

Trying to keep that 90 degree arm position, which is hard without a turbo and adjusting on rides or just guessing at home.

Maybe raising the seatpost a little, but that puts the saddle further back…which would stretch me out…so perhaps a SHORTER stem???

Stem is 110mm at the minute.
Roadie has 120mm with a slammed stem, which I’ve rode 200km with no bother.
Winter bike and fixie are both 110mm, but with a position aimed at commuting and wet group riding.

Why are you aiming for a 90 degree elbow angle?

To establish seat height, you’ll need to post one with your pedal at the bottom of the stroke. Either way, better too low than too high where saddles are concerned. What length are those cranks?

Trying to be helpful, but not too useful :wink:

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Not to go all Dr Hutch on you, but you need to improve your number pinning game

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Have you seen the price of the NoPinz suits!!!
Nearly as much as I paid for the bike :wink:

I’ll try and dig out a bottom of the stoke pedal shot for y’all.

90 degree arms are what the masters say. That’s Dan Empfield innit.

Pretty sure they’re now suggesting a more stretch out position where elbows are at a more obtuse angle as being more aero.