Critique my position/bike/thighs

Probably not as good as a bottle between the aerobars, but I doubt there’s much in it.

Have to say that Jorgan’s idea is dead simple to rig up with 4 zip ties and a bottle cage. I’ve bought one of the x-lab torpedo bottles but that was simply so I wouldn’t have to take the bottle out and sit up from the tt position. But if you just want to carry another bottle, it would probably be aerodynamically better.

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I did this for my last two Outlaw’s

Downtube bottle was an aero shaped one, full of homemade gels.
I only picked water/electrolytes from aid stations.

It very nearly solved GI issues.
Stick with what you know.

Yes, I might go back to having an aero bottle with isogels in it, on my seat tube (best location on a Trek). I definitely like to eat bananas & bars on the bike though, as a preference. If I can’t eat solids, I know I’m going too hard.

It’s not new if you try it well before race day! The zip-tie solution is tried & tested, and you can pop a standard bottle in there quickly. You can also mount it further back than the pic above, by having the rear of the cage attached to the stem, so the base of the bottle is by your elbows - which is what I did, so there’s space to put a computer between the shifters.

ETA - A full 750ml bottle in your pocket will be quite annoying; you’ll struggle to get it in there too, unless they’re like wizards sleeves…which could involve you fumbling them.

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Joex I might have a 2 bottle cage holder kicking around at home, that way you can have one bottle for tools etc and the other for the additional drink? To stop them from being ejected you can get the gorilla cages or line the inside of the cage arms with skateboard grip tape.

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I’m going to start a new event nutrition thread, as this has gone off on a tangent.

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I’m in try mode here but essentially the same as my TT position, my head is up in the pic as I am on a bend in the road

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It looks nice, as does your bike! Literally, just a few more inches to ‘close off’ air from coalescing in your groin area.

Body marking. Very retro!

Did I mention I really like that frame, and I think it’s a good fit for me iirc.


Fire away…

Your neck must be killing you!

Nope, in fact no pains in back, neck, shoulders, or hips for the first time.

I assume you mean because I’m looking where I’m going? Later in the race I did drop my head into the wind and relied on the white lines for guidance.

My butt is another story, and not for this forum.

Went for a bike fit at Bottrill’s for the podcast and I have to say, the guy is some kind of genius. I thought I knew my onions with this stuff but … well, nope.

The weird thing is, the position looks so ‘extreme’ but I’m so comfy in it. The only issue is I’m too scared by the speed to put any power down :grimacing:


That’s a really nice garage, but why do you have a mannequin in there. Is it poseable? :crazy_face:

Position is gert lush. Is that a Bento X? You need Omega brakes.

It’s Botty’s bike fit studio :slight_smile:

It is the Bento X. It looks great but it’s next to useless to get stuff into and out of, which is kind of the point really. I’ve got a FuelCell on there now which fits both needs really well. And yes, Omegas are next on my ‘buy’ list :slight_smile:

I was going to say!! :wink:

Really does look like a great position. Can you see from it?!
Out of interest, did you happen to own that helmet already, or was it one you got subsequent to the position you ended up in? It looks perfect in terms of airflow.

Yes, was going to ask what your vision was like too? Did they change the bars / stem etc or adjusted what you already have?

I have an Xlab Stealth 300 at the moment, but have bought a Forza one to try, as it was reduced to £14.99! You can change the volume by using spacers to make it higher. As with all the plastic/rubber bentos - it’s whether you can remove the contents without destroying it! It would appear Torhans still haven’t got that right, and are using stiff rubber (I had the original Aero Bento and it was fragile & a PITA)

I can see ‘OK’ with it. It’s like you would expect - you don’t get to see a long way up the road with my head like that - but it’s really tucked down, and I can raise my head up a bit when I want to see what’s coming. The helmet is one of Matts - he has a bunch you can try to see what fits you and your position best. I ended up with the Giro aerohead, simply because I think my head will move a round a lot, rather than stay locked in this position. I’ll see if I can find the before / after shots. I can’t recommend a trip to see Matt highly enough

Stem and bars the same - I’ve got the Zipp ones that you can move the angle of the aero bars separately to the base bars.

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