Di2 and Bluetooth

Noob to di2. New shiny bike. Plugged into laptop and everything hunky dory. Confirmed battery us of the Bluetooth variety.
Do you still need another bit of kit to link it up (specifically to garmin)?
I can’t even put it in pairing mode to connect phone on the etube app.
I thought the correct battery was it.
Thanks in advance

Yes you need the D-fly transceiver!

Yeah, you need the external one that you plug in by the rear mech, or the in line one that you can house anywhere in the sequence. I stuck mine just before the battery in the seat post. The Garmin out front can still pick up the data

Just to be really pedantic, my understanding is that d-fly was the name of the original one, that just output info on ant+. That one isn’t compatible with the new batteries, and can’t do Bluetooth connection to the mobile app to amend setup and and update firmware.

I only say this so the OP doesn’t see an old d-fly unit for sale somewhere, and pick that one up.

You need EWWU111 (the in line one I have) or the EWWU101 (the external one).

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Oops! Excellent point mate :+1:t2:

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Cheers guys.
So the EWWU11 is the newer better option?
I assume its numpty compatible and anyone can just fit it (im assuming between my junction box and the cabling that goes inside the frame)?
Need any other cables?

Why the feck could they have just not inc BT in the unit :weary:

I’ve often thought this.

Could be integrated into the junction box under the bars

Yes. You need at least one short cable for both I think.

DCR has been saying this for a long time. You spend a fortune on a bike equipped with di2…this £50 unit should just be included as standard.

It’s built in as standard with etap

So jc200 junction box into new wire into EWWU11 into current wire.
The main unit is in the handlebar, I really don’t want to be pulling that out. Or is that the norm?

You can put it anywhere. As I mentioned, I put it into the battery, as that was the easiest way to not mess about with exposed wires.

I dont know where the battery is yet :rofl:

Must be tucked inside your seat post