Do I need a new bike?

…Or do I need two?

So I’ve been procrastinating about using a cycle scheme to get a bike (up to £3500) as I broke one, then got knocked down on the other.

Now I could just repair these relics of 2014.

However, it’s also true that I still have a classy steel commuter and tri race bike. And I don’t really like having loads of bikes.

  • Repair relics
  • Buy 1 bike - It’s your only chance for a £3000+ roadie
  • Buy 2 bikes - A £1500 roadie is just as fast and you’ve always wanted an off-roader
  • Buy 0 bikes - Steel is real, use 13kg battering ram for all roadie scenarios
  • Eat pizza, drink wine
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Why can we only pick one?


The People’s Democratic Republic of JoeX voted against multiple choice in free and fair elections in perpetuity for all time.


Come on team eatpizza !

I can’t actually walk tonight, so probably a bad time for a poll.


If being serious for a second, I bought my first new bike in over 10 years this year, to see what all this electric gears and tubeless tyres fuss was all about. I love riding it, but I also now hate riding my TT. So depends what you want to do I guess.


Think the rules state that as you have considered a £3000+ bike, this is automatically the one you will end up buying. Also, you have considered buying an off road bike, therefore you will buy 2 bikes. :smiley:


Having seen my mate’s brand new Scott Addict with etap etc. I’m more than a tiny bit tempted to chuff off the TT bike next year and treat myself to a sweet new roadie! :joy:

I really like the look of the (cheapest) new carbon Endurace. 105 di2, takes up to 45mm so could whack some chunky tyres on if the grav came calling.

Probs won’t though.


I’m hoping this is me next year !


TT bike won’t generate much cash will it?

There’s a few three grand bikes that have my eye. I just don’t do much weekend riding. I will need a really nice wall mount so I can enjoy looking at it. At that price I think better wheels over electronic shifting. And who wants to charge their bike anyway.


2 bikes. More flexibility.

Tbh how the hell can anyone take a £3000 bike out - shit yourself every time you hit some gravel worried about the paint work

Alternatively - buy a van and become a pikey

Other suggestions for your poll:

Go on holiday

Go to Las Vegas

… ….

Fund a really exciting new arts venture with minimal to no returns


Makes sense to me. I will lobby HR to modify the cycle to work scheme accordingly.


Option 1;

1500 unfortunately doesn’t buy much bike anymore, you will be disappointed and end up spending the difference on upgrades.


You can get 2020/21 models at the moment if you keep an eye out, used a few times during lockdown and thats about it with some good specs.

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Blow £3k a week pissing your neighbours in an infinity pool

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On cycle to work you’re generally held to paying RRP for the bikes, so no sale discounts.

You’re not going to get much for £1500.
Tiagra if you’re lucky.
Or you’re looking at an aluminium steed with 105.

Also, on C2C you’re beholden to what brands are available to the supplier.

Most of the time, you’re better off just buying a bike in the sales. Then it’s 100% the bike you want.

FYI: My BMC was £2,850 RRP 5 years ago. Full Ultegra, but mechanical and rim brakes. No posh wheels either.

For a decent bike frame at £3k, I reckon you’ll be looking at the new 105. Wheels will also be crap (some Fulcrum OEM nonsense or basic Shimano RS11s)
I say this as you can often get full gruppos for £600-£800 from Merlin etc. and wheels are ten a penny (I paid £800 for my Zipp 404 Firecrest s/h and £900 for my Zipp 303S new :white_check_mark:)

So really, for a “decent” full bike, it’s now knocking on close to £4-5k :exploding_head:

Giant Defy Advanced Pro 2 Ultegra is £3,800 :frowning:
Although on sale at £3,200.
They come with OEM tyres and wheels :nauseated_face:

And Giant are cheap (I mean, in a good way!)
Although the cables around the bars are a total mess!!!

Just had a cursory Google and it appears that it’s 105 around the £3k price point :exploding_head:
Although Di2 is available on some sale models :white_check_mark:

@joex - I’m not sure on your own C2C scheme, but they’re generally for a year, which would mean £250pcm gross salary reduction on £3k :exploding_head:

Even the Canyon CF SL is now £3,099 for the base Ultegra model :face_with_peeking_eye::cry:

What about using a 0% finance deal and getting something super nice … like this :heart_eyes::money_mouth_face::moneybag:


Paid just over £1000 in March for my Canyon Endurance. 105, Alu, rim brakes, and it’s blue. It’s adequate. But now, yeah, wish I’d taken @mw22 's advice and spent £1600 for carbon, disc brakes and red.

However, am glad I went new not secondhand. Everything runs like clockwork and hasn’t been fettled with by some bodger like me.

edit: the trouble with this sort of thinking is that if I’d spent 1600 I’d now be thinking should have spent 2500 for Ultegra and nice wheels. But then I’d be thinking should have spent 4000 for Dura ace and DI2. And so on, until riding something like this

all the way to the hospital, to get my reproductive organs sewn back on after Mrs finds the receipt.


Giant have a sale on atm and are offering interest free credit. Less impact on your pension.


I was going to mention that, but…

Reducing a salary by £3k for one year at 10% is only £300 :person_shrugging:t3:


I’ve started looking at bikes again, if any of my bikes took 30 mm tyres I probably wouldn’t bother, discs would help my awful downhill prowess too and there’s more good than bad now with tubeless tyres especially if you go for non race type tyres apparently.

Unlike fruity I’ve always bought used then took it straight to someone who actually knows what there doing.

Replies vary from

“ this is a bargain “
“ did he ride this?”
“This is wrecked”
“ your a (unt”


We literally have the same bike, in the same colour.

Exactly the same as you, much prefer a new bike that’s cheap and cheerful.

That said, I ride my bike outside less than 10 times a year, so swings and roundabouts.