Dorney Marathon and Half Marathon - 22nd Nov

Not many events this year so let’s have a thread

Who’s in?

Fat Pom

Interesting, got a link?

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My wife and I entered the half yesterday. So for me, not her, 7 weeks to get fit!


Am gonna try a 21km run over the weekend and then make a decision


Thanks for the heads up. I have entered. Flat laps on tarmac up and down a rowing lake, I’m hopeful this sounds like one of the less painful way to tick off a marathon??


I think you’ll all be sick of it by the last lap!

Good luck all

The compete opposite I would say @nickberry! :joy:

I did the half there a few years ago, and that was pretty soul destroying. Those 100m markers all the way up the lake just torment you into realising how slow you’re going!

But have fun yeah.



I haven’t even looked at the course. I’ve only been to ED once for a duathlon. We were on a 5/20/5 and the 5km was made up 2 x 2.5km loop on what I guess would be the eastern side? ( the bit with the higher bank patn)

Last time I did a running race there you just went round the lake using the service road

I’m assuming the marathon will be laps of the lake. I guess I should have a look? :laughing:

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It’s only 4 laps! (tries not to think about Outlaw :laughing:)

It can’t be much worse than some of the IM Barca run course.

Up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down.

Think I have counted right but don’t quote me…

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My son who is at uni nearby is going to do it too. We are both in the 11 am start wave, 3-4h target.


I think that’s the wave I’ll be in. I’m guessing they seed it within the wave as well?

Was that a long training run this morning? I’m just heading out do mine, and hoping the body holds together for a few more weeks :roll_eyes:

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Jeff I think they are going to start us off in small groups, within the wave.

Ran half the distance this morning, felt ok, not sure I would have loved to do a second lap just yet though. But it’s nice to have something to aim for.

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Aiming to do a 15 miler tomorrow to help me finally decide

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I think it’s 6 at a time with 30 sec gap

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