Okay folks…

…how do you know about events these days?
Like, how do you search for them?

Before, there was something on Tri247, but I cannot seem to use that now.
I want to find a cheap, local duathlon (NOT the Airport Tunnels one, or Oulton Park…)

Anything that involves running twice is the work of the devil!


Trihard were supposed to be doing one at Ripon if it hasn’t been cancelled.

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Bit of a trek for you maybe:

The BTF website will list all permitted events I assume. Although probably not much scheduled for next year at the moment.

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That’s miles.

There was a triathlon there last weekend.
And a Duathlon at Dunham Massey, but that was GoTri…and I’d feel like a massive **** turning up to one of them with the TT rig, AlphaFlys and 4% :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Only Oulton this weekend locally :sob:

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What’s wrong with Oulton?

I can do that up and down the A34 bypass for free :wink:

12 laps of pure boredom.

I did it once, hated it.

Look at Epic Events. Mark puts on some great DU’s

Parbold. Firefighter 2up. Both spring though they may do more that I don’t know of

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That’s on my doorstep; but…

Ah, yes!
Excellent - that Firefighter one looked mint - think @Mungo2 did that back in march, didn’t he?

Cheers for that.

EDIT: None in 2020 :frowning:

Did it March this year and October 2019, as that one was cancelled due to ice.

That run is tough… 4 miles up a slippy muddy cobbled path then down the other side, the bike is quite big elevation for 25 miles too.

It’s one of the few races we’re I can race for nowt, HMPS will refund your entries for this race.

Being honest I hate mud and stuff, I’ll much prefer Oulton on Sunday if it goes ahead…?!

Firefighters has developed a cult following as a season opener, I like duathlon, but I’m a slow swimmer so I would do.

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Yeah you get a ridiculously fast field there.
I might do it next year, I talk about it every year and have been up to watch a couple of times.

Parbold is a brilliant little race. Tough bike and lumpy run. It isn’t often you get to descend Hunters Hill!

I’ve been up hunters 60? Times this year, probably more last year, never been down it…?!

Might help my woeful down hill skills, which are improving … ish…!

It’s steep but feels like home !

Get up Parbold Hill and down Hunters. 3 loops for the duathlon!!


look on the BTF events page to find duathlons. Eastbourne Duathlon is on a couple of weeks - bike course is up and over Beachy Head 2x so that will sting a bit.

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That would mean right hand turns …?!

The loop I use has 7 left hand bends, no traffic lights, no roundabouts and quite rural.

I think I hit 50 miles once with out in clipping once.

Great training.

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LIke a 250 mile drive :open_mouth:

So the only events finder is the BTF one?
What about the little events - like Broxtowe Duathlon, MARS Tri and 1485 Duathlon?
They never used to appear on that…

the only events you’ll find on the BTF site are those who are using the permitting system. any “off grid” ones will need to be searched elsewhere

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Just been sent a couple of images from 9-10 years ago today (1485 Duathlon and Carsington Duathlon)…

…oh man, how things have changed!

If anyone is interested a duathlon is being organised at Dorney Lake late November, same company that are putting the marathon on.