D'ya like dags?

you old romantic you

Haribo ring, which he promptly guzzled and spat out :rofl: My wife said she wondered why I’d put a bottle of Champagne in my rucksack in the morning :man_facepalming:


They don’t miss a beat!!!

I proposed on her birthday on holiday in Lapland. She knew something was up as i was proper fidgety the night before, couldn’t sleep at all etc and she knew me too well! She wondered why i was up and about in the cabin at like 3am, as i’d never make that much effort just for her birthday!


Our daft cockerpoo Poppy, now almost 10 so slowing down a little, only a little though! :slightly_smiling_face:


@AndyS Like this one?


Ha, I was just searching for this!


Official. Dogs on beds :+1:t3:


No, I don’t like dogs. ( you did ask :smile: )


Dog. Does a :poop: in the garden.
Thomas. Picks up poop.
Dog. Goes and urinates inside :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I have wanted a dug for years, but always resisted because both of us are out all day so I don’t think it would be fair to the hound.

But reading all these poop related stories convinces me that what I actually want is to rent one on sunny days for a bit of a walk or run.


just been running up and down a Tuscan hill for the first time in years after i was badly bitten by a farm dog…

it put me off for a long time…

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Dogs on Teams calls.

Rapha and Izzy (RIP :cry:) on monthly management calls


Here you go!
BorrowMyDoggy - Local Dog Walking, Sitting & Holiday Care
ETA - I have no experience of this at all but my other half goes on it to look at the pictures. I’m not sure I’d want the responsibility of someone else’s dog in case it ate something dodgy or got hurt in my care.


A few people around us use BorrowMyDog. I guess it’s a good way of experiencing having a dog without the long term commitment, especially if you are in a rented flat that doesn’t allow pets.

From the owner’s point of view, it’s a cheap dog walking service.

I’m not sure that I’d trust my dog with strangers and he’s not good with people he doesn’t know at the best of times, so I’d be concerned that he saw someone across the park that he thought was one of us and took off after them.


Puppy just keeps dropping his toys off near big dog.
Then charging at him.

“Play with me”

Circles round the garden a few times.

Goes back to big dog.

Big dog just yawns and goes back to sleep :joy:

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Have you explained to the big dog that when the puppy grows up he isn’t going to be the big dog anymore?


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We are hoping he’s the “miniature” we were promised :pray:t4:
But you never know, do you?

They should be the same size.
His Mum and Dad were similar size to our big dog, but genes and nature and stuff!!!


Reminds me of those stories you see of people buying micro pigs that turn out to be just piglets and grow up to be fecking enormous.



Big dog is just normal size. Like to my knee. Maybe a little bit bigger. Only 18kg.

He’s a cockapoo (from a rescue place)

New dog is a labradoodle.
But “miniature” for them means normal sized :+1:t3:

We looked at a few from Dogs Trust, but they were really funny with us. Handlers and day staff really liked us and our (as then) current dog, but when we met the second interview person, it was just like “erm, no. Not suitable” :cry:
Saw a couple of mint sighthounds, too.

Oh well, this on me was pretty “cheap” so we’ll see what happens :flushed: