Endless pools - anyone got any reviews/info?

My wife has a lung condition so with holidays out (covid) she is looking to sink some money she inherited in an endless pool.

She loves to swim and will happily mow up and down the normal pool each day and also runs on the treadmill to clear her lungs …but with gyms now a major risk for her health we are going to look to go ‘in house’.

One of our son’s swam for Kingston as a kid so pretty sure the pool will get used and we have the space.

I thought I’d register here as I saw the Brownlee’s built their own one on tv a few years back so looking to try and pick your tri brains on this topic as swimming is clearly something you folks work on.

Tried one of the endless pools at poolboys down in Hampshire and thought it was great - great current and set up.

Their pools tho are pretty expensive plus the actual ‘endless pool’ brand is a USA bit of kit so there is a loooooooooong waiting list for them …no surprise.

So just wanted to see if anyone has some real world experiences to share.

Any more sensible UK options?

Happy for someone to DM me if that is more discrete.

Appreciate your help folks.

Well I dont know what your budget is, but a swimspa is an option about £15K I think I saw one, available on credit.

endless pools is the main one, the british company that distributes for them is in Surrey. I got a quote a few months back. You will be looking at about £35k for the one that goes max 1:20/100 I think it wasnt much more for the next model up. I know a guy who installed one in Surrey at his triathlon facility. It increased his electricity bill by £300 a month to keep it heated. His cost over 50k as he had the treadmill fitted. They are great, but quite noisy and there’s a wait as you know.

The rest arent worth the effort unless you are swimming heads up breaststroke at over 2min /100 or using it as a spa

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that makes my eyes rain


It was a guy on my L3 course, owns a niche triathlon/gym centre and he regretted it as he was spending as much as he was earning from coaching in it. He said he’d have been better using the space for other gym equipment

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at least it was for a business, and not just a personal fancy! Though clearly there are many people that have the means for such luxury.

Near Chertsey?

Yes must be the same guy, “Tribal”. I’d recommend seeing him if you are in the area. Great guy and coach.

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Do you know if that was a pool with the endless jets added, or a swimspa?

I get the impression that the price scale goes down significantly from actual 25m pool (40K), to small pool plus jets (25k) to swimspa (15k)…but this is just surfing the web, it seems like nobody talks online much about swim facilities the cost and maintenance, so my confidence on these costs is low.

Then theres the question of effective training x days/week, even less info out there about that!

it was an endless pool :- https://www.endlesspools.co.uk/
The quote i got was for the High Performance model fitted above ground no extras and was ~38k but subject to site survey and all the extras you inevitably need. It includes pool, pumps etc. and setting it up but you dont just have a pool, there’s tiling, the ground will need doing in most cases, power and water running to it etc. do you just want it outside or build a wooden outhouse for it, add mirrors, cameras, a retractable cover. costs soon mount
As said above swim spas aren’t for training in, the jets arent strong enough . They are designed for the average “fitness swimmer” who does 10 lengths in half an hour and climbs out.
Endless also do a thing called a fastlane which is about £8k but you need a pool to put that in and again it only has max about 1.20 / 100. An actual pool to be built in the garden looking at minimum 50k , from 1 - 2k per sqm depending on finish and not usually including ground works.

Yes. Nick De Meyer.

Met him a couple of years ago. Really nice friendly guy. Took the piss out of my swim technique (rightfully so) Great little setup he has. It really tucked away though.

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May as well add a sauna room at the same time if you are spending £50k…

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His pool has a treadmill in the bottom

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guy on my course was Paul Roberts. Maybe they are partners or maybe there really are 2 EP’s in surrey

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Ha, there may well be :rofl:

Nicks place is called tribal though.

Maybe he just coaches out of it

Its definitely the same place…Yes maybe he hires the pool.

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£610k and you get a free endless pool. (See pic #4.)



Is DaveM(?) still around? He had an endless pool in a wooden shed amd then I think he put one in the house when he moved.

I think h posted pictures fairly early on in the “pain caves” thread.

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Feck me, you get a lot of property for £600k in the north of Scotland :open_mouth:

You’d just about get a 1-bed flat for that in some of the new developments down here


Yeah, I have to confess it’s made me wonder about leaving SE26… having said that, I bet it gets bleak through the winter!