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The question is, is anyone going to pick Froome?

The question is: will it happen?

Spain advancing quickly…

Excellent point.

To be honest, I’d be surprised if the Giro finished.

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Not being snide. Just noticing same trends. And think racing will be done by next weekend. Too much risk. Bollox.

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On paper, there’s some good beis heading out. Froome, Carapaz, Roglic, Dumoulin.

I’ll give it a go.

You’re no Janner!

I’ve joined. Didn’t bother with Giro. Got a bit caught up in work and didn’t get round to it. Don’t know why as that team submission took me about 7 minutes.

Only 2 of us at moment, good chance of being DFL!!

Team Aye Last now in!

Can’t be any worse than my Giro team😬

OK I’m in. Not so confident of anything this time. Haven’t looked at the parcours in the slightest, so gone a bit left field on the off chance it comes off. We’ll see…

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Haha me either. I know that one of the stages finishes on the Angliru and I think we should get extra points if our rider picks up his bike at that point and chucks it.

But really I’ve just shoe horned in a few big hitters and padded it out with no hopers. Including Cam Wurf!!

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Cam for the TT😬

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I thought, surely all TT’ers will pick Cam.

I heard that Adam Hansen is turning his hand to Ironman.

Apparently his swim is decent, run let’s him down.

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Heard that too. He’s what, 39 now?

I’d be Interested to see what a younger pro cyclist could do. Pete Kennaugh is giving it a go, I think he’s only just turned 30. Be interesting to see how he goes.

Yeah, but I think he’s looking to mix it with the pros!

Might be wrong, but though Kennaugh was just doing it to stay in some sort of shape and help with his mental health issues.

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I’ve been terrible in the last two fantasy games so might as well make it 3rd times a charm.


Seems to be enjoying and now wants to go long distance and see what he can do. Hinting that he’s got his competitive edge back

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Everyone should have a good look at my team and avoid every single one of my picks. Guaranteed jinx!

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It doesn’t rate Froome’s chances does it. Something tells me he may go another season without a grand tour finish.

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I have a feeling he may never see the podium again.

I thought Kennaugh was joining B&B Hotels in 2021? :wink:

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