Free Speed or expensive snake oil?

So it seems we have running shoes nailed. What other kit would you recommend for “free” speed?

Wetsuit – used to see the Blue Seventy Helix recommended as the fastest suit for a swimmer. Less buoyancy than some, but best for feel/flexibility. That was a few years ago, where are we now? Huub, fragile but fast?
Swimskins – as global warming kicks in, are we all going to need to by a swimskin? How much quicker than a std trisuit are they?

Long sleeve trisuits seem to be the latest must have. Are any better than the others?
Pointy helmet v. snub nose aero lid, does it really matter?
Disc wheel / disc cover worth it?

If the Vaporfly need socks are they only for HIM up?

Real food v. gels. Huel or Hurl?

B70 helix or Huub Arch3 (if you don’t mind it ruining after a season of not doing any triathlons)

Disc wheel and covers are about the same.
Watts per £, cover all the way.

Snub tail aero lid.

I’d wear the 4% for anything and just put up with the blisters. Some people need to HTFU.

Real food (ish) in training.
Gels in prep mode and for A races.
WTF is Huel???


It’s the latest and greatest new invention. No longer do you actually need to eat real, nice tasting food (that people may actually enjoy) but you can have it all ground down into a powder for you to drink in a shake. mmmmmmmmmmm

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I used to get the spam on FB because someone liked it; I finally blocked it after I got bored of reading the inevitable comments lambasting it. Huel is just liquid food for lazy vegans or the easily influenced.

I mean, how much Huel can you actually get for the price of some Vaporflys?

I have the use of a current model BS Helix this season (mate has a surplus of suits!). I am very interested to see how it compares to my redoubtable made-to-measure Snugg Slipstream, which I’ve been using since 2008! I know it will be more flexible, and obviously more fragile.

Clearly I’m hoping for some ‘free speed’ from that^^. I pretty much get free speed when I don’t swim at my local Nuffield; as much as I love it, it’s a slow pool by design.

A good position on the bike is by far the best ‘free’ speed. Not only only for CdA, but comfort over the distance. A good position on a £1k bike beats a crap one on a £6k bike…but we all know that.

Good tyre choice - don’t race on rubbish tyres. Check out the BRR website for latest Crr results. Best bet looks like GP5000 now; or GP TT with latex tubes…at the right pressure. Not cheap tyres, but fine if saved for ‘best’. I still use Tubs, so choices a bit limited.

I am having to bit the bullet and get a bike fit done.

I cannot seem to replicate by road bike comfort on the TT bike, and it’s not stretching pain.
Just my right hip flexor, a very specific point behind my knee tendon on the right, and my right man bollock.
Left side is A-OK, but it’s my right leg which is longer.

I have made a few micor-adjustments since doing 90km and a triathlon on it, but it still caused my grief in the local 10 last night.

Don’t forget the other relative new kid on the block in nutrition terms - carb rinsing…

As opposed to wallet rinsing?

I’ve had a couple of BS Helix, really good suits but my current one is about 5 yrs old now and fairly manky, might get another or was toying with a Roka, probably not the X though. Had a Huub for a few weeks a couple of years ago and couldn’t get on with the neck so flogged it straight away.

Conti GP TT’s for the big races, I’ve got them on my disc and a race day one for my front wheel. Usually avoid latex tubes though, just get decent butyl ones.

Last serious IM’s in 2016 I used an Assos Chronosuit for the bike, full sleeves and the pad was quite nice, my trisuit is also getting on now so might consider a new one this year, or use one my decent TT suits at Hamburg which should be a TT course.

Phil Burt does an Aero fit, not cheap at ~£350 but cheaper than a trip to the tunnel and factor’s in comfort more than a tunnel fit which would probably be better for 10/25/50 TT’s

I also stuck a drinks bladder down the front, partly so I had a drink I liked, that enervit stuff isn’t very nice, also know how many calories are in it.

Anyone tried Maurten? heard some positive reviews on the sub-3 group on FB.

If all else fails of course we could try training :rofl:


Oh, and I definitely would use my fly’s even in an IM if it was an A race.

Jeff - get a profile pic, sunshine. Redcar seafront or something.

Also agree with the Huub.
I forgot my Vas tonight and me neck is fooked

Middlesborough canal/river :wink: : i reckon

So I spent about 25 mins trying to shoehorn myself into my mates SMT Helix; not really happening. I was being very careful not to tear it, which obviously made it even more laborious. I can’t help thinking BS are being optimistic with their sizing (I’m in the sweetspot of 1.81/73kg). So in reality, that makes me a chubby Medium :grin: As for the reverse zip, that seems like a PITA if you don’t have a support crew on hand!

Back to my trusty Snugg and some Black Witch I guess.

Pretty sure thats the size Helix i wear and its hard to get on!!! I was planning on trying to get back in it this weekend… its been hanging in a cupboard for, i think, 5 years. Is it likely to crumble to dust ? Should i soak it first ???

Good shout with the pre-soak; I think I will try that. Had completely forgotten as it’s not mine.

Still doesn’t remove the zip faff mind you.

My old helix was an SMT at 183cm and 69-72kg.

You’re a little bit porky for an SMT :shushing_face:

They were a bloody great suit, massively quick to get off. Also…on the zip…you can do the bottom bit up yourself, get it on, then zip it up.

Do some stretching and get those arms reached round the back…

I’m sure you actually meant hench :smirk:

Bike, Ceramic Bearings - the oversize jockey wheels look cool, however, I may get a waxed chain. I have invested in Aero calf guards - a bit skeptical that they make a difference

Swim, I did buy a swim skin last year after all my summer triathlons were non wetsuit. I had a good (for me) IM Zurich swim, wearing one, at pretty much my target pace for a wetsuit swim

Hmm, I’ll try and get a nice pic of the moors (without me spoiling the view)