Free Speed or expensive snake oil?

I’m sure that offers a very bad bang/buck!

I might consider an optimised chain; Aero Coach do a KMC one for £45 when it’s in stock.

Agreed - I think that they quote 2W, but pretty skeptical about this

Not really ‘speed’ as such… but… tri shoes clipped in to pedals and held level with elastic bands or just leave them by the bike, put the things on and run through T1 in them ?

After deciding I was losing time weaving about, I stopped pre-positioning them on my bike a few years back; I just put them on in T1 now. I still remove my feet from the shoes on the move at the end of the bike though, leaving them attached. So a 50/50 approach.

Think I’d investigate a really good quality tri suit; no flappy bits, nice and tight. Do some proper aero testing to get the right helmet for my body position on the bike. Currently use a bambino and it’s far too gappy at the back of my head. Losing shed loads of watts, I reckon.

I disagree. I think I save significant time having basically no time stood stationary. 10s getting shoes on is still 10s. Not to mention running slower when in cleats and stiff bike shoes.

Plus, trying to clip in on the move is as slow as getting the feet in the shoes (I’d say I’m faster with the latter … a shoe opening is a pretty big target and I mostly get my right foot in as part of a single motion flying mount).

Well, you did indeed (freakily) take 10 secs out of me in T1 at the 113 in 2017; of course I blew you away on the bike with a smokin’ sub 2:30 split :laughing::upside_down_face:

The upside to clipping in and elastic banding is that it will remind me i have to change my pedals from the commuter type SPD currently on my bike to SPD-SLs. This should save significant time.

I’ve never done flying mounts at the 113events races. They’re a more recent development. So I took 10s out of you whilst still putting on my shoes, running in them, and then having to clip in :wink:

i think he meant wench…

i thought that you did that coz you couldn’t get up a hill…

easiest ‘saving’ in triathlon…

Man, there is so much more crap to buy now!!!
Those aero calf guards look garbage.

May as well wear I AM A TRIATHLETE compression calf guards.

Those jockey wheels are…(Google’s price)…FOUR HUNDRED FUCKING QUID???
That’s eight hours of 1-2-1 swim coaching with a decent coach.

Although, whatever Xav says works generally will.

RE: Chain waxing. Get a £15 ultrasonic jewellery bath from Amazon and DIY.

Looking at buying my first proper wetsuit (horrible hand me down basic one previously). Tried around 5 on in the dry and was going to plump for a 2017 model Vanquish (definitely partly decidedly by price). Ordered the Helix but never acatually tried on due to being alone at the time and reverse zip - is it a clear bench mark?

Even if so, I can’t see me paying the extra £300, but am interested by fact you all seem to see that as a leader rather than equal to Vanquish, Pro Popel, Archimedes etc?

Also, do any suppliers allow you to swim in a suit and then return? Would be much happier if could swim in them first before parting with £300+!

Have you looked ar Huub outlet? I got my Archimedes there, even though it was described as condition 3, it was great, I used it for 3 seasons, then I got too small.

I know you can try wetsuits at some lakes

Maybe because we’ve been around and Helix used to be the born leader.

However, owning an Archimedes now, I can state my old B70 Helix is still very much better than it (though maybe that’s nostalgia?)

Also, what’s wrong with you people?
It’s quite simple to do up the reverse zippers alone.
Most suits have them now.

Plus1 for some lakes having “demo” suits available to try (though these are often chargeable rental suits, as opposed to demo “free” suits)

Ref: those ceramic jockey wheels I met a US athlete in Pontevedra who had a DNF in the Long Distance event - his chain dropped off when changing into smallest chainring which then threw his rear mech into meltdown, the ceramic jockey wheel got stuck in the chain and snapped into bits. game over for him. he said he’s going back to metal jockeys - ceramic is too fragile when stressed.

Any useful suggestions to make your cranks spin a bit better, other than not tighten them or more lube!

I find the BB & converter on my P5 to be quite poor really, probably costing a fair few watts.


I’m so lazy that I buy the predone huel bottles :pleading_face:, they taste better than the powder equivalent. Not as satisfying as real food, but I’ve always had a shit relationship with food, so this or any equivalent replacement works pretty well for me. I also enjoy my evening meal much more.

That all said, I’m still fat and a shifty triathlete.

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