Freeman, Sky and British Cycling

Anyone else thinks this whole thing stinks. Freeman thrown under the team bus to protect the brand? No wonder Sky cut loose. You had to be blind to not think boundaries were being pushed but yet again it seems the boundaries were not only pushed but smashed down with a sledgehammer.

Good Real Science of Sport podcast on it all.

And yes under the “Gear” category


Yes, have done for a while. There’s a fair bit that doesn’t add up to clean sport from Leinders and Freeman to Froome’s transformation. The blatant lies told about the package sent to Wiggins. You can’t be both the team that turns over every stone, takes advantage of every 1% gain and then not have a clue what anyone is doing.


Meticulous, every single bit of data analysed, ship special pilows around the world, but forget to log medical information, don’t take backups and lose laptops. Its all the Doctors fault though.


How many multiple TdF winners do we reckon were truly clean over the ages? Must be few to zero. PEDs are endemic.


Schleck and Evans post-Lance.
The rest are suspect.

Schleck? Frank was busted for a diuretic, which is usually used for masking. There’s also talk of him being a client of Fuentes.

I would guess on Evans and maybe Sastre, never heard a sniff of a rumour about him.


Andy “won” it in 2010 :+1:t3:

Sorry, yes I know it was Andy that won it but I doubt one brother would work with Fuentes and the other one, actually vying for GC at grand tours is clean. Mind you Frank wouldn’t have changed gear whole trying to accelerate hard.


I made my feelings known as soon as BC and dark blue sky got in bed together…


Cuddles and Gee are only ones I’d back, neither multiple winners. I don’t trust any other rider back as far as I could name. I do like Bernal also but I don’t know enough to say he is clean or not.

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Lemond acts like he’s whiter than the contents of Daniella Westbrook’s nose; but I have a hard time believing he could beat all those dopers that were likely around in that time twice on the trot (89/90). I know he says things changed after his 1990 win and he felt outgunned…but it’s so hard to see the very top TdF riders being clean in those times :ok_man:


The 86-90 era was a little unusual, transfusions had just been banned, and EPO hadn’t arrived, but without any testing for transfusions I can’t see why people wouldn’t’ve been using them, they all knew how to do it as it had been legal just before.

Maybe transfusions of your own blood just wasn’t seen as doping by anyone, that’s the problem if everyone is doing it, you don’t think anything is wrong with doing it.


pretty much none, i guess…la bomba was rife…

very present in athletics at the time…


The question is more whether it will ever come out?

I am still on the fence about how far beyond the grey area they actually went, you can do a hell of a lot bending the rules.

Unfortunately I won’t listen to Ross Tucker, he may wrap his ideas under the banner of science, but he has a large chip on his shoulder for some reason and a bias that sporting performances must be doping fuelled and he uses science to support that, rather than the other way round

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Another area that’s lottery funded and murky as hell. Wonder when a government committee will have a look at British Athletics?

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Although I’m not sure I’d welcome Government intervention as they need to concentrate on more important issues.

Elite Sport in general is screwed. Drugs, bullying, young girls in the main with eating disorders, favouritism, not only athletes, but coaching and support staff. Kids being forced into academies at a young age or early specialisation (not unusual for swimming clubs to stop 14year olds from doing another sport) in many cases having too high expectations and not being given the tools to handle the inevitable rejection that comes for most. I actually thought a modern sport like tri may be better but it suffers the same problems as all tge others.


What do you think he has got wrong?

Armstrong fans used to say the same thing. I like Ross, he’s a nice bloke, so I am probably biased. I have read his blog since when it was him an Jonathan writing about running and fatigue. I have seen him change position based on new evidence.

ETA: I don’t think it will ever come out unless there is a whistle blower.

If you want to make an omelette, you gotta break a lot of eggs. T’was ever thus, no? I don’t think the Eastern Bloc or China have a monopoly on this.


I think his approach of ‘they are doped unless I can prove otherwise’ is what he gets wrong. IIRR he is a frustrated failed wannabe pro sportsman.

This isn’t with reference to Sky, or being a Skyfanboy or whatever (re your Armstrong fans comment), it is an umbrella statement about his views & ‘analysis’.