G B D U R O 2 1

Hi folks… I thought about putting this in the “tracking season” thread but I’m so massively big headed I thought I could have my own thread.

GBDuro is a 2000km self supported mixed terrain LEJOG over 4 stages organised by GBDURO

There will be ten days of live tracking dot watching to “enjoy” and if you’re interested you can follow along on my instagram: Login • Instagram

I’ve decided to put up a series of short IGTV videos about me & the ride etc.

I’m quite sure at some point I’ll need some tlc / support / encouragement to get through this latest adventure.

(and for those that follow my strava… this might explain some of the rides of late !)


When does it start?

Edit 14th August

Good luck, will try and follow you :+1:

Is this the event Lachlan Morton did that video on?


We followed it last year, looks like a great but tough event. Good luck

Haha. I was just about to type the same. I think it must be or we both have bad memories.


That looks great @ed_m . Shall definitely be following.

Absolutely fab @ed_m . I applied to do this also but didn’t get a place, I think it’s a pretty stacked field.
Anyhow best of luck and for sure I’ll be hovering up all the content and following your progress.

Sounds pretty epic. This was the one Lachlan Morton did one year wasn’t it?

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Cheers all… yes some bloke called Lachlan.
Last year it was a fully self sufficient event (i.e. carry ALL your food) due to COVID.


Ah interesting… the organisers are a bit mysterious and the entry process/criteria a bit opaque.
I also entered in 2020 and didn’t get a slot so layed it on a bit thick this year :smiley:


Can’t wait for this @ed_m

I just thought you and your riding buddies were having a bloody brilliant time enjoying a variety of

Your Strava has certainly looked very fun recently :+1:t3::star_struck:

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Gonna be one hell of a ride :smiley:

Took my new bike back for a service (that was the overnight ride/bivvy to manchester) the other weekend… poor thing had covered about 2000miles in the couple of months since i got it !


c’mon then, we want bike photos fully laden and the kit you’re taking etc…

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The videos in insta will cover this shortly but this is the current intent…


Will there be a tracker link?

I like the matching colour scheme :slight_smile:
Do you have water in one of the bags?
Or just those bottles, as one bottle looks like spares…

…how does front loading the bike like that affect handling?
I always wonder why there are no panniers for bike packing?

(Just curious…)

Bike panniers are a bit old school now, saddle bags have come a long way and are faster (aero). Bikes handle better with more front loading too.
Panniers offer a fixed space which your likely to fill, better to go light as possible, bags will collapse to what your taking.


Yeah back in the day it would have just been “touring”… the luggage thing is just a trend which may or may not be better at the end of the day.
You can already get the minimalist tailfin rack for extra luggage, more stable than a massive seat pack… and oh you can now get extra cages to go on the side supports… almost like panniers… :stuck_out_tongue:

Water is in the bottles… ~900m + ~600ml , I have a soft flask or two can go in the back pocket for extra on long stages… or a musette for regular bottles… also carrying purification tablets if needed.

Amost all tools are in the bag strapped under the downtube, thats a change from usually having a tool bottle rattling in a cage down there !

Handling is surprisingly good with majority on the front, can happily ride no handed. None of those bags are especially heavy on their own.


Cheers @doka and @ed_m - that makes perfect t sense :+1:t3:

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I appreciate it’s an unsupported venture, but will you have people cycling alongside you at any point?