Garmin Deals?

Any decent deals anyone come across for Garmin 820 or 830 ?

Google is stuck on showing local deals for me and I’d prefer a UK mapped model.

I got the 530 on the offer they were doing which was a £50 prepaid mastercard as cashback on a 530 or 830. Also managed to get 10% off at the shop as well, so in the end was only about £180. So much better than the 520.

That deal ended at the end of September however. The best I’m currently aware of is if you know anyone with vitality health insurance. They’re doing 25% off the 830 via that. I have a mate with vitality through work, who has no intention of buying a Garmin through it (you can buy one device per year). I’m waiting for the 945 to be available through it

Thanks - the existing Garmin has lasted 5 years, and 5000+ rides, 15,000 miles so its been pretty good. Not to mention the times I have dropped it.

What do you like so much over the 520 Stenard?
My 520 has been faultless, tho I did see the mapping on the 530 and got a bit jealous. Also has the climb profile - but not sure how much that would be novelty for me.

A few things.

  • Having inbuilt mapping is a lot easier than having to manually load up the relevant downloaded maps for the area I am in.
  • Linked to that, being able to get routes onto the device just seems a lot easier with it being a device that is natively considered to “do routing” (even though the 520 could).
  • Battery life is significantly better - specifically with a Varia radar. Battery was fine on the 520 (could turn it on before an IM swim, and it would last the full hour of the swim, and the 5+ hours of the bike), but with the Varia it drained it to the point that it wouldn’t last more than a couple of hours. 530 lasts much longer.
  • I like the sleep function - good for quickly activating the device
  • ClimbPro is a nice bonus, although not worth it by itself
  • There’s some added data screen layout options compared to the 520 I think

I still think the 520 is great, and I’ve kept mine and am continuing to plan on using it for my tri racing. Mainly as it’s now less desirable to steal!

Halfords have the 820 for £150

@stenard can the 530 be used as a head unit for your turbo trainer so it controls the resistance?

Yes, as can the 520. They’ve just released a beta for the 530 that now means if you ride a simulated course, it will actually give you the maps and elevation profile pages too. Not tried it tho

I suppose the 820 will be the same as the 520 and as bob said £150 at Halfords and with BC discount then £135.

Interesting regarding the beta software on the 530 and when you try it out let us know.

At £135 that would definitely seem like a decent deal. But the 820 was renowned for some problems (not sure if fixed?), and personally I didnt want a touch screen only device. Buttons for me are far more preferable in gloves

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You can get maps on the 520, although as @stenard mentions only a limited amount as the device doesn’t have that much storage. But you should be able to load enough on to cover your local roads.

Thanks Rob - I do have maps already. They just aren’t as pretty (or easily readable) as the 530.
Not sure there’s enough there to make me upgrade. My only gripe is my battery - with Nav - only gets me a few hours now. Without Nav I’m all good.

I think a lot of the issues where fixed with firmware. I’m picking one up today so I’ll let you know in a few weeks!

is code available for BC :wink: to get the the 820 @£135

I’ve not yet bought but my understanding is that the processor is much faster on the 530 so you don’t get that annoying lag in routing updates every so often.
I’m upgrading from an 800 mind you but I think the processor in the 820 was much the same?
This deal is insane for a new device. Only £180 with all the accessories :scream:
I’m almost disappointed I bought earlier in the year! I actually kind of want an edge remote

I’d actually be surprised if this is beaten throughout the entire black friday deals period, in terms of a brand new device with such a hefty discount.

Sold out and price back up to £320

Not surprised at that price. It was almost giving it away. They clearly just wanted to clear the MTB stock for some reason. The standalone device was still £260 at the point they were selling this bundle! If you sold the edge remote and speed sensor for the going rates on ebay, you could have had the main device for a little over £100

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You got a VPN? Should sort you out for your chosen Internet market.

Wiggle have the 735 with heart rate for £199