Garmin questions

Essentially moving the thread across.

I’ve pulled the trigger on a 945 :worried: got 10% off courtesy of a DC Rainmaker code, not totally sure when it will arrive and Garmin pay is next to useless ATM.

My 920 buttons are getting a bit iffy although I do still like it, think I’d have preferred this to have 920 case.


Ouch!!! They are eye wateringly expensive.

The 920XT I have, I love.
I’d have been more than happy with a 305FR again.

Hope you like it and can give some good feedback on it.

Yes, must admit I’ve really liked the 920XT, really good at what it does. If I can keep this new one as long it won’t seem as expensive. Although I’m a bit nervous about HR being uncomfortable on the wrist as it looks like it stands out a bit.

I think I might actually use the training metrics a bit more, I’ve generally been monitoring the HRV\HR on a morning for a while now with my chest strap but it’s a bit clunky, and will try and use it for sleeping etc.

The music is of passing interest, although I only listen to music on really long runs, and even then not every time. Similar with maps, although there’s some routes I don’t do that often and it might save getting the map or phone out, assuming I preload the route. I did actually use the 920 breadcrumb trail at Borrowdale a few years ago and it worked out really well on one section as I must have made up at least 5 minutes on some people that took the high route towards Honister.


The wrist HR just wouldn’t work for me on the Suunto. It was all over the place.

Though, I was just saying to my wife today, that if they could nail that and with some decent storage for music, I’d be much quicker getting ready :wink:

(HR strap, phone on armband/waist pack, headphones etc)

Last night I found out that when you tilt your wrist the backlight comes on automatically on the 935 :slightly_smiling_face:

Wrist HR is absolutely garbage on my Fenix 5s when i’m on the bike, running it works perfectly?

^^Probably the vibration.

I’ve pre-ordered a 530. It better get here soon cause my 820 just totally died yesterday and won’t start up again. And I kind of need one for the Extreme X in 3 weeks!

Anyone know of any place who’ll do refurb on an 820? Won’t turn on, bricked, but worked fine on a ride yesterday morning.

Garmin themselves are often the best bet for a refurb unit Chrace. Last time I had one it was about £80, think that was an 810.


Have you tried a hard reset? Also make sure that it is charging correctly my Edge1000 stopped charging, eventually found one charger in the house that works with it

My second 510 has died and I’m using my forerunner at the moment. Not the best when tucked under a skin suit for TTs. I ordered a 530 from sigma as they were advertising delivery for this week but they emailed last night to say they do not know when they are getting a batch in.
I like the MTB options and the hydration reminder could be useful for the 50s and 100s

Could you not use an Auto Lap alarm for that?

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good point, I use the 1km auto lap for TP analysis but as the 510 is dead then I need to get a bike computer so that or a wahoo element.

So…my Edge 500 won’t connect to the PC.
It will charge, but I can’t send routes to it, or get my rides from it.

Have given it a hard reset and tried different USB ports, to no avail.

Interweb says try new cable (USB mini, isn’t it?)
If not, then probably an issue with the ports corroding.

A bit peed off with this, as it’s super handy.
My watch will Bluetooth to the powermeter and HRM, then the Edge 500 will Ant+ to it.
So whilst it’s not the end of the world, I found the simplicity of it, plus the awesome turn by turn navigation and breadcrumb trail to be just what I need :frowning:

If its a different cable to normal, it could be as simple as that. I’ve come across various devices supplied with USB cables where only the power parts are internally connected os they can charge but have no data access.

Obviously try another PC and another cable …

@GrahamO - It’s the official Garmin supplied cable and has always worked on this PC…

…however, my work PC won’t allow it for security purposes, but it does see the device and lock it as a removable drive…

…so it’s not the cable, but my own laptop’s driver.
Bloody hell…removing USB drivers and Garmin Express now, ready to reinstall.

It sounds like a security policy on your PC - good luck but reinstalling may have no effect if there is a policy which says ‘no USB media’ permitted.

I have a group of security consultants who work for me and their company policy is that way - which is a real problem when they try and connect a Barco projector device as its a USB drive so gets disabled.

It was my personal laptop that stopped me connecting, I tried my work one to see if it was the USB cable.

It wasn’t.

So I have now hard-reset the device (and lost my lovely screen settings)
Removed Garmin Express
Removed all USB drivers
Re-installed Garmin Express…

…still doesn’t work :frowning:

Get a suunto?

Ha ha ha!!!
F*** right off!!!

So…seems like some antivirus software is being extra-super-cautious:

This device cannot start. (Code 10)
{Access Denied}
A process has requested access to an object, but has not been granted those access rights.