Garmin questions

So…I finally got it working by removing the AV and reinstalling the Garmin driver and software, then putting the AV back on.

All very odd

I have just got a Fenix 5, really pleased with it. Massive step up from the 910XT I’ve been rocking for years.

Very important question about it though. Is it pronounced like FEN-ix or like Phoenix? I think FEN-ix. my wife says otherwise.

Sadly your wife is correct. I always used to say FEN-ix in my head, but DCR has covered the correct pronunciation before and it is definitely meant to be FEE-nix. There’s an accent on the e if I remember correctly.

So long as it has an ALUMINUM body and can cope when you swim round the BOO-EEEEs, then I’m happy to take his cue :wink:

(But deffo Phoenix)


haha, true, but that’s just a pronunciation thing for common nouns. Proper nouns are actual names for things, and so should be pronounced however the person/company/brand holder wants.

The example I always give is I know two people with names spelled Aaron. One chooses to be called A-RUN, the other AIR-RUN. That’s their choice, so I use both as they wish.

I still never get the BOO-EEE thing, yet I’ve heard it used for a lot of other English speaking nations (not UK) as well. Always confuses me.

The other one of DCR’s I find funny is NITCH, for niche

I knew there was another one! I couldn’t recall it though.

To pronounce is FEN-ix never crossed my mind.

Maybe Huawei should get DCR on the case, so we can all pronounce their name correctly.

Ok well she doesn’t need to know. Ill quietly start called it FEENix now. Do I have to start saying NikEE and PorschA

I used to say ‘PorschA’ all the time in Germany, but now it feels a bit pretentious; even though any German word with an ‘e’ on the end is pronounced the same way i.e. as an ‘a’.

ChoriTHo vs. chureetzo


Have you been watching BBC cookery shows?
It’s like Auntie changed the AP during Masterchef last year and it’s permeated throughout every other show!!!

scone or scone :grinning:

I thought Fee-nix TBH,

Scone as in gone for definite :slight_smile:

Jeff (northern monkey)

Still waiting for my 945, suppliers expected some this week but not turned up, could be waiting a while!


You say lichen, I say liken. Let’s call the whole thing moss.

Brand-new Garmin product. Brave man Jeff! At least it’s not Vectors :upside_down_face:

TBF I got a 920 when they first came out and didn’t have any problems with it, I’ve never even seen that many noticeable improvements after firmware updates. No obvious hardware or battery issues, might have just got lucky though.
The newer ones have got so much in them though there’s a lot more scope for software errors, although I’d hope there’s some trade-off between product lines so that some of the code has been tested by Fenix 5 users etc.,

that depends on where you speak your Spanish :wink: What I get annoyed most at is Keeeenwarrr…no its Spanish is Kinowah

The barometer went on my 920; not the end of the world mind you. I think the Vectors have been the real thorn in Garmin’s side.

It’s FEE-nix! If companies are stupid enough to pick a pronunciation that doesn’t match their customers they deserve it.

The strap did eventually die on my fenix, but otherwise it’s been pretty good

See the .GIF picture extension.

Pronounced Jif, like the US peanut butter.