Garmin questions

I bailed on the 820 in the end. It was only running 3-5 hours in cold weather and 7-8 in nicer temps and I was coming up on the Extreme X with a planned 11 hours in the Lakes. Go figure.

Pre-ordered the 530 which was only due mid-May at Wiggle - for a race on 25 May. Worried was an understatement. But magic happened and it arrived early May and all ready for the race.

So after 7.5 hours on pottering around the hills in the Lakes it went from 100% to 70%. Believe the hype, this baby can actually do 20 hours. Very impressed with it so far, massive step up from the 820 in all areas. Much faster processor as well.

Reason not to get the 830 was a) I rarely navigate on the fly, and the 530 can do turn-by-turn with GPX anyway, b) the 530 has REAL BUTTONS and not touch screen so works all gloved up, and c) price is rather a lot lower.

AV is essentially snake oil.

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Has your 945 materialised yet Jeff?

Quite timely, according to the Royal Mail it is getting delivered this morning :slight_smile:

If\when I work it out I’ll post an update.

I’ll probably need a degree in computer science to use it though :rofl:

Chrace, I find my Edge100 doesn’t have a great battery length, especially in the winter, switching off wifi\Bluetooth etc will get me through a long ride around 5-6 including café but that’s leaving it with ~30% left


Can you charge the 1000 on-the-go? That’s what I did with my 520 on the Brevet Cymru; although it may have lasted 19h including stops, but I doubt it!

Not sure if it can be charged on the go, I’m unlikely to do anything long enough to require that, but if I think on I’ll attach it to my battery pack and see what happens. My guess is that it will work


Yes you can charge Edge 1000 on the go. Guess it depends on your mount but I had to buy a usb lead with a 90deg plug to charge mine in situ.

Blockquote I had to buy a usb lead with a 90deg plug to charge mine in situ

Where did you get that and was it a waterproof one ?

Worth noting that all the Edge xx30 models now have dedicated battery pack support with this:

Clearly not cheap, but if you were regularly doing rides that required significantly extended battery life, then having a clean solution like this could be worthwhile.

Bought from Amazon, no waterproofing, have used it several times in wet, never had an issue

Yeah, that battery extension is pretty nifty. The 530 would last like 48 hours on that.

So my Garmin 935 is getting replaced for the 2nd time for a broken barometer. Quick and painless from support at least, go into test mode, read out the barometer test status (invalid), you will need to send it to us for replacement sir, here’s the address, FOC.

Last time I got a brand new unboxed replacement so ended up with a couple of spare hrm straps. Let’s see what appears this time.

Hmm. How long is each watch lasting? I bought one from Wiggle a couple of months ago - knowing that returns wouldn’t be a hassle…important with Garmin stuff :thinking::neutral_face:

Pretty much a year to the day. Bought in July '17, returned in June’18 and now June '19. No quibble about giving a free replacement either time.
Thing is it took me a while to notice, had to scroll back through some workouts to find when it broke, so it’s not like it’s a crucial feature for me. I remember my 910 broke too, then miraculously recovered, which I put down to me re-starting regular swimming which helps keep the port clear.

I had the same problem with the 910, but the 920 has been problem free barometer wise in 2 years.

Did anyone see DCR’s latest article on basically Garmin “being shit”? Quite punchy stuff from him, although I do think largely fair. There’s certainly a large truth in the fact early adopters of new devices end up becoming glorified beta testers.

Why do think I only bought a 935 a few months ago :grin:

So far so good with the 945, had a couple of updates but I’m still working my way around it. Like the music feature and it synced with spotify any my airpods (I know I look like a tw@t) easily.

Can’t use Garmin pay as I’m not in Santander, but TBH I actually still use cash for a lot of small purchases.


Useful to hear. Have you tried OWS with it yet? That was the one where apparently the MARQ and potentially the 945 are falling to pieces. The $1500 MARQ recorded all of 30ish yards in a recent triathlon swim that DCR tried to use it for!

DCR has just posted a pretty scathing sentence on Garmin:


To the casual observer, one might assume Garmin’s biggest competitors are Apple, Fitbit, and in certain cycling circles – Wahoo. But in reality, I’d disagree. Garmin’s biggest competitor is themselves. Or more specifically, their lack of focus on solving bugs that ultimately drive consumers to their competitors. In effect, my bet is the vast majority of time a person chooses a non-Garmin product over a Garmin one is not because Garmin lost the features or price battle. It’s because that person has been bit one too many times by buggy Garmin products.


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Vectors anyone.