Garmin questions

You probably need a new watch and a new bike. Sorry, but those are the rules.

Probability is like gravity: you cannot negotiate with gravity. *

Only * @FatPom will get that reference


It seems to be working :crossed_fingers: this morning with a bit of an extra wiggle and juggle. But it’s sensitive to movement on the charger. So contacts going on either the watch or the charger. Will try one of my mates’ chargers on the weekend and see if that helps.

This cable?

They often seem to “break” for us in the way you describe, and are fixed by squeezing the middle of the metal bit with a small pair of pliers - just a slight bend to bring the outer bit back to the size to hold on to the watch.


I can’t seem to charge mine on Mr’s cable anymore but my cable is still fine. It does seem to be a sensitivity fault.


Cheers will have a look :+1:

Just remembered actually that I bought the lady a garmin last year. Pretty sure it’s the same charger so will give that a go.


My girlfriend complained this morning that her Fenix 7 wasn’t charging, so this timely tip has just made me hero for the day, cheers!


Yes I have that cable and had the same problem. Didnt know there was a fix, I got a new cable

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Garmin charging cables are a POS. Absolute lottery whether a cable will decide to work or not :roll_eyes:

This can be the only reason that they keep changing the designs. They’re obviously aware of this problem & are trying to rectify it.

This must be the reason, mustn’t it? It’s not like they’re doing it to piss us off.


My theory is that to be able to release watches so quickly they have a number of teams working on new ones. i.e the next watch that’s about to drop, they’ve been working on it in a bubble for a couple of years & have no idea about how any of the other watches work that are being released.

Why else would they function so different?


Could be, it is baffling why they havent settled on a standard charger. I know USB wont work because of the waterproof requirement, but they could settle on one of their own designs and make it standard.

Must increase the product cost and complexity.

Or other reason could be that with different battery requirements, and form factors the design teams dont want to be restricted to a single charge port and have to design round it


Fairly sure DCR has confirmed that, the forerunner team is different to Fenix I think? Certainly different teams. Then what the call health watches to compete with Fitbit.

I’m guessing there’s a lot of overlap and I think their product range is just big.


I thought all Garmin watches had used that charging port for at least 3-4 years? Both forerunner and fenix/epix. So I would say they had settled on a standardised approach.

I just use the DCR recommended 3rd party charging pucks. The ones fb was offering up and kindly sent one of. They give up the ghost after a year or so, but at a few quid a time, they’re perishable. Unlike the official cables which are silly money.

The charging port son the watch themselves seem durable, which is surely what matters?

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My wifes is newer than mine and has a totally different charger. Not sure what models hers is.

Interesting. I had a quick scan back through dcr and all the recent reviews he has done of new watches have the same charger from the 935 era. That’s from spring 2017, so six and a half years!

The compatibility list on here is loooooong!

It does seem to have settled down a bit now. The first 3 Garmin watches we had in the household all had completely different chargers clip based chargers (910XT, 920XT & 235), until we both got ones using the newer plug type one (Venu2 and 255).