Garmin questions

Yes like the plethora of different charging cables


Found my dual at work after the east holidays and it’s playing up again.

FR 265:

Edge 520+ HRM Dual:

Fresh battery and I sweat a lot so is it worth getting a replacement strap or time to bin it?

It’s flaky in running too. I know we think chest straps are always better than wrist but…

I’m having the opposite problem with my power meter, the P1S pedals stay linked to my Edge 520+ but keep getting lost on my FR265


Edge plus Dual

The FR265 never seems to pair the established sensor PWR - 64188 and always sets up a new one with PWR - 84.01.8F.3D.E9

I’m thinking the hex string indicates an ANT+ link instead of Bluetooth?

So is the problem because both edge and fr are conflicting as they both try to establish Bluetooth pairing?

If so, can I force my Edge or FR to use Ant?

Other way arround 64188 is the ANT ID, you need to make sure it’s ANT, and garmin lets you input the ant id of the thing you want to pair with which will force ant

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When mine go I get similar symptoms, low or accurate and then jumps up and says high.

Probably time for the bin.

The new one has a new battery cover so I’ll see if it’s less vulnerable to my sweat.

The cheapo tickr has lasted longer.

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So, remove the Bluetooth entry and disable auto discovery?

Never had this problem before, the ANT entry is what I’ve been using since I got it last summer and now it wont connect automatically I have to manually do it on my watch as it keeps creating a Bluetooth entry.

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I’m struggling to let go and keep hoping I can fix it, I’ll go back to broadcasting HR from my watch to the edge. At least until I get consistent power data on the watch.

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Can you pair it with your phone if it’s dual and see if that is better?

Like maybe it’s good over Bluetooth you mean?

I can try that.

I’ll also try pairing it with my FR45 on my next run, see how it compares to the FR
265 HRM

I doubt it will be the transmit protocol but if it’s consistent then I’d say it’s deffo kaput.

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Obviously the drop outs are bad, but I think those graphs reinforce to me that wrist based OHR is poor for outside cycling*. All the reviewers support this view. That watch graph looks inconsistent with the type of graph I’d expect to see and it’s blocky nature is showing it’s being affected by the wrist vibrations going through your hands. The chest based more closely aligns with surges seen in the power data.

*at which point, it’s largely meaningless anyway so I’d question the point of getting that data on both devices

Slightly off topic - but its a Garmin and a question…

Does anyone clean their watch (particularly straps and rear of watch) and if so how? Mine seems to be creating its own eco system. And my poor attempts at cleaning it just seem to ignite its growth further.


Swimming twice a week does the trick…extreme I know :grinning: .


This :point_up_2:


I never had an issue with previous watches, then my 935 is get some kind of sweat reaction and rash round the strap so I’d take it off before the shower/bath and just scrub the inside of the strap with a nail brush. 955 hasn’t been an issue although I’m doing less training.

Mine get stinky. I take it off in the shower and wash the wrist area and the strap. When it gets really bad I use an old toothbrush and washing up liquid to give it a good scrub.

Sometimes it gets so bad you just have to bin it.

A new watch certainly seems a more viable solution than swimming!!!


I meant a strap but yeah knock yourself out with a new watch. Better than swimming anyday


Paging bongo for another +1 on dodging swimming :joy:

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