Garmin questions

I used whoop for a couple of years. I wouldn’t say it’s significantly smaller than a Garmin. Less obtrusive without the watch face etc but if you particularly don’t like sleeping with a watch, it may be just as much of an issue with the whoop wristband.

Whoop has distinctly more info and features than the Garmin interface. And the ability to download your data more frequently is a bonus if you like to keep records. But it does have a monthly/annual subscription fee. I liked wearing mine but I decided to cut back on the spend because my Garmin info was catching up. With long term training plans I may go back to whoop but I’ll see how that goes.

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No, but you might want to try a simple notepad and pencil first.

Note when you settle in bed, note when you wake in the morning, note how you feel. Nothing more complex.


Oura is the option if you find things irritating
(or similar rings)

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I’m thinking of buying LO her first proper running watch. The Garmin FR55 looks good, her wrist is just about large enough for it. I don’t want it to distract from her running but she moves up at WADAC in the new school year to the endurance squad. I know she’d love it for hiking as well.

How would it with my Garmin Connect account? Obviously she doesn’t have a phone or email address. Can I add a second profile to my own account? I think I read somewhere that I can add the device but not her stats because she’s too young?


I think it needs a standalone email address. You cns easily set up a new dummy email on Gmail etc, but as the 55 doesn’t have wifi upload, that does mean you’d need to be constantly logging in and out of separate GC mobile accounts if you did setup a new account for her. The other alternative is to rely on physical computer uploads every time. Maybe that’s reasonable depending on how many time a week she’d use it?

Alternatively, do you have an old smartphone in a cupboard somewhere? One that you could wipe and load GC mobile on and leverage the house WiFi to act as the mobile upload bridge?

It’s going to require some workaround given the GC age limit is 16 outside the US, so they’re not going to make it easy.

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Cheers mate, some good options there. No spare phone heer but will have a think about some workarounds. TBH, she’ll just want to see her distance and speed logged somewhere. Less worried about the deeper stats and metrics at the moment.

If she just wants pace and distance while she’s running then you only need to sync occasionally and as @stenard says, physically connecting to a computer might be best for firmware updates etc.

I don’t know if there are other options for pace/distance that are completely offline.


Garmin Connect runs on tablets as well, if that helps?

Is there a running equivalent of golden cheetah? Sporttracks was a great app but moved to a cloud subscription and failed in comparison to Strava or Garmin connect.

I can’t remember how old your daughter is @FatPom but you could go down the Apple Watch route, sync it to an iPad?

Thanks All, defi tely want to stick with Garmin if I could, just because I know it. Looks like there is a Garmin Jnr app but you can only connect a Jnr device to it, like the Vivofit 3 (which is crap).

The easiest way might be to get Mrs FP to set up an account on her mail. capture the watch data there and turn off all health permissions, or make a ‘mistake’ when entering the age. :wink:

I could just add the device to my account if we’re only checking pace and distance. I don’t use the app to track my volume anyway, as I know what I run each week.

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Did a club swim last night, using intervals I could see my splits and distance for the swim as I was going along. Showed up how many intervals I’d done.

Pressed save and it dropped to 5 mins swim covering 225m. Any idea what could have caused that?

Pool distance correct?

Mine has only made about 1 error in a few years and I think that was partly as I turned then stopped to let someone go and it might have thought I’d turned again.

Yep. No changes from when I went last week.

I hit a pothole towards the end of my ride yesterday and my Fenix decided that I’d crashed and sent an SOS text to my emergency contacts before I was able to stop riding and cancel it :flushed:.

Mrs W went into a bit of a panic when she got the text, so was a bit concerned about my wellbeing even after I’d sent the “I’m OK” message :man_shrugging:

The SOS is a nice feature but seems to be a bit too sensitive. The last time it happened I’d just done a sharp u-turn to pick up a bottle that someone in the group had dropped


Exactly what happens with Mr’s. Lead to a large argument once.

But proved my point in arguing with him last time when I got the alert last week and I ignored it, this time he had actually crashed. He got home but with a fair selection of road rash…

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My wife had similar few years back. Was running and tripped and it tried to send the SOS message. She was able to stop it in time, wasnt even injured in anyway.

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At least this time I realised what it was doing and was able to stop it quite quickly.

The last time it happened my watch was hidden under my winter kit and I only discovered what it had done when we stopped 30 minutes later after someone else in the group punctured :roll_eyes:

I haven’t activated it, probably find me in a ditch somewhere in Yorkshire one day with the sheep eating me :grimacing::joy:

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Came close to that when my leg disappeared into a hidden rabbit hole when crossing a field of sheep - went down like a sack of spuds and the Apple watch fall alarm went off. No damage done and the sheep never got close!