GCHQ Xmas Card Challenge

GCHQChristmasChallenge.pdf (431.3 KB)

Come on then laddies and germs, who can solve the lot. I’ve solved 1-3 so far.

Post answers in spoiler tags, first one to get them all wins a Ford Focus.


For Q3 is there a typo, should the 2nd word be UGGLEPUF rather than UFFLEPUF?
I think the final word is THE?

No it’s correct. Need to brush up on your Harry Potter.

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You’ve reminded me that we never finished last years :grimacing:

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I can’t remember the next potter school house :roll_eyes:

I’ve cracked 7. It looks hard a first but there is a massive clue in it.

Struggling with the Venn diagram and minesweeper question.

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Venn diagram question

I’m almost seeing Christmas Eve, Wenceslas and Sledge??
Actually: Chrstma Ee (n), Wencesla (t), sled*e
Don’t know if on the right trail

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I’ve got 6, do you want a clue?

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Only know the Harry Potter one


Slytherin is the Harry Potter one

Too lazy to work through the thinking ones! :joy:

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Guessed the final answer after getting a few. No way I was getting the minesweeper one

Still can’t suss out how to post spoilers

Yes please

Got 1,2,3,7

edit & 5

minesweepers freaking me out a little

With the minesweeper when they adjacent dp they mean diagonally as well? Like in the game.

It’s not clear

Ah got the minesweeper. Yep diagonally too like in the game.
Just stuck on the Venn that @Adam has solved

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Think football for 6

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Working back from the other words in the tree gave

answer to 6


Now can see what the diagram’s about - footy not a strong point here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Nice challenge thanks @GRamsay , scary that this is aimed at 11 year olds :face_with_monocle:


Yes, correct - thought it was a bit odd to be included.

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Even knowing the answer I cant work 6 out.

Apparently there is a hidden message in all the answers top to bottom as well

Ok, I have got them all. Number 6 I couldn’t have got without help, so thanks. Even when I had laid the other answers on the tree and had one icon left I couldnt see it

The hidden message is

Hidden Message


Didnt make sense for a while until I realised I had spelt Slitherin wrong, I had spelt it with a VE and not THE in the middle.


Question 4…took longer than I would like to admit (thought it was braille for a while) :rofl:



@Adam → highlight text and then cog thingy and “hide details”, I only just figured that out so wanted to share :rofl: :rofl:


Got the final message

Would never have got 5 without google so maybe a cheat

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