Getting back into things - zero to an ironman in 2025

This post is to get myself a bit of motivation…

Over the last couple of years I’ve wanted to get back into triathlon. I last did one properly in 2013 (and one in 2018 that involved more walking than running). After that things conspired against me. I’ve now got older (55), heavier (+13kg), and lost any semblance of fitness that I once had. I also hurt my shoulder three years ago which has stopped me doing stuff.

Walking the dog in the sunshine yesterday, I thought I should be running. I should be on a bike ride. So I decided I’d have a go at an ironman with a view to getting me exercising towards a goal. My worry was I said I’d do it “next” year (in the same way as I say I’ll go on a diet “tomorrow”). Hence this thread.

So I went to the pool to try my shoulder out. I did 8 x 25m and the shoulder was quite uncomfortable at the end. But I think it is do-able.

Biking - I’ll have a go inside for a bit as I’m not sure I have any warm kit that will fit.

Running - I did a bit for a couple of months a few years ago. I’d guess I can do 800m at the moment but who knows.

Over the next few days I’ll try and do some little bits and pieces and work out how I might go about it.


Firstly, good luck with it and keep us posted on your progress.

Reporting in can be really beneficial to help with motivation.

My only question at this stage would be why IM? Culturally, for a number of complex reasons, long distance events seem be held in a higher regard than shorter races and yet they are no more 'valuable" except in this cultural privilege that ‘we’ have created…


Hi Mark
I’m new on this forum as well, this is the first posting I have made…so 'ello everyone. I’m not that far from where you are now. I signed up for outlaw Holkham Half in 2022 after no tri since 2014. And if I am honest, which I am, I did the fat end of fuck all training. I got round in a nick over 7 1/2 hours, not great and painful, and I was back in the groove. I signed up for Outlaw Full & Holkham 2023…still not fit for it I defered the full to this year. I got the Holkham half done in a nick over 6 1/2 hours, so we have improvement. Bang into it now & can’t wait for Nottingham. I’m 58 by the way. Go for it.


Nice to see some fresh meat on the forum so welcome @Mark and @Fastfreddiescat.

There’s a wealth of experience on TriTalk from short distance to ultra distance (tri and running) so get stuck in.

Age and weight isn’t an issue (I started when I was 50 and my fastest IM at sub-12 was at 54 when 95Kg) so put that to a side.

The key for both of you is to put a plan together, build up slowly and set a realistic target for your prime event.


For me I have been trying to build slowly, I have no patience though, and I have also decided work is boring so given it up. I’ll continue building & trying to dodge injury and have an other crack at Roth next year.


“another crack at Roth” - what happened last time?

I had a really good time…

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+1 for giving up work
It’s crap!


You have a brother in me :slight_smile:


Sounds like you’ve got your head screwed on, but just to encourage I’d think ‘little and often’. Swim a bit, bike a bit, run a bit.

Minimum dose is more the mindset these days than it was ten years ago.

And good luck, enjoy yourself and the increased fitness.

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Thanks everyone. I’m planning “little and often” for at least the next ten months or so. In the meantime I’ll do a bit of googling to see what IM to aim for.


most European IM and a few non-Euro IM have been done by people around here - just ask if you have questions about any.

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Zero to Ironman in 2024. That was my plan October last year. Well that’s gone well :wink:


Welcome Gents, good to have you here.

@Fastfreddiescat @Mark



I havent heard anyone refer to Fat Freddy or his cat, except me, in twenty years or more. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know Fat Freddy’s Drop. But not a cat.

Welcome both. And good luck in your lofty endeavours!

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Its a long and boring story but my buddy used to race as Fat Freddie so I mixed it with Fat Freddies Cat. So if you ever see fastfreddiescat on any thing there’s a good chance it’s me :slight_smile:


They’ll take their name from the comic.

:person_shrugging: :person_shrugging:

Never heard of it.

Good luck, keep posting and it might help keep you and others motivated.