Getting into Skateboarding

Having taken my kids down to the new local (amazing) skatepark in Oxhey I’ve decided that I need to get involved. My kids are young and currently just cycle/scoot and are a bit scared of going down anything over 3%. It’s not a mid-life crisis before anyone suggests that, I’m not even close to mid-life…

Has anyone got in skateboarding later on and have any tips?

Regular or goofy?

Get some decent knee pads and possible wrist guards

I gave up when the kick flip was new but can still ride on the flat. Not sure I’d be able to carve bowls anymore though

I actually fancy having a go myself, and I am mid-life, ok old :joy:

But the amount of times I fell off as a kid when my balance was better is telling me I shouldn’t :grimacing:

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You can get a rideable board for the cost of a decent set of road bike brake pads. You’ve not got much to lose, other than some skin and maybe a day off work with concussion :joy:

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As for tips.

Don’t lean back
If you’re dropping in…don’t lean back

Seems like sensible advice. Was going to get a helmet because I reckon riding a board in an aero road bike helmet might look a little odd.


Knee pads are number 1
Helmet, number 2

Learn to use and trust your knee pads do you can bail before stuff gets too sketchy

This is the new park about 15 mins drive from me


Wow :flushed:

Some nice bowls to carve in there.

The cross bit to the right looks like a load of fun to ride. We took it very slow to start with. I did get my 4 year 4 month old riding properly, moved up from balance bike really nicely.

Looks more like a pump track!

Take up Longboarding. Much more (almost) middle aged :wink:

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THAT. LOOKS. SICK :ok_hand:t4:

We’ll also be expecting a video of you riding along to “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac


Maybe. They described as a ‘bike trail’ though there is a pumpscape in the middle too.

Honestly I couldn’t tell you the difference between a pumpscape and the flow park but if I could do any of it on a board without landing on my face I’d be very please.

Now I just need a Palace board to fit with the kids.


A Rapha jersey would be almost the same now, right? :rofl:

full aero skinsuit with the duck hat

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ah maaaaan… I’ve now got a mental picture of jgav with big hair, a head band, large square framed glasses and a pair of slightly too tight, high cut shorts with a walkman on

:joy: :face_vomiting:

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