Giro Fantasy *** NO SPOILERS ***

Not sure if there’s a more formal one, like the tdf. But came across this today?

Any thoughts?

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Let’s do it!

Don’t we normally do Velogames?,on%20Saturday%203rd%20October%202020.

Yeah, I’ll be doing velogames with friends anyway, so would prefer that one. Less interactive than the TdF official one however, as its just set and forget for the whole tour. No daily captains, or options for swapsies

If you want daily interaction, the Cycling Tips GC game looks a bit different. Pick 1 rider per stage, lowest overall time wins. Cannot pick a rider more than once.

Ah velogames. I knew there was one I’d forgotten. Yeah I’m up for that.

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Me too! Keep me in the loop.

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Has anyone set up a tri talk league in velogames yet?

The credits seem quite tough, had to change a lot of my first choices as I had spent too much

I thought teams were now 8 in Grand Tours?

I set-up a TT league:

League Code: 56280477


When does it all start? Need to find time to squeeze my mediocre team in.

Have to choose by 1500 tomorrow iirc

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Its 13:00 CEST which will be midday for us

And if anyone wants to do a daily pick - a bit like selecting road captain in the TdF game, I have created a CyclingTips GC league. Go to:

And scroll to TriTalk_GC to enter. You can select riders in advance if not planning to be online at the weekend etc.

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In case you haven’t seen it, this blog is the untouchable dogs bollocks for tour coverage

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It’s a pity they didn’t do the secret pro this year.

Yes, I don’t know what has happened to that.

I always thought Charly Wegelius’ book was a bit ‘secret pro’ esq. Although I didn’t think it portrayed him in a positive light.

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OK I’m in

My team of underachievers have now been submitted😬

Pedalaré Pedalaré Pedalaré!!

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Loving the EF kit!
Have you seen the TT helmet?! :rofl: