Right I seem to have a wonky head (based on all the helmets that never sit right)… And I’m not full on pea head, but I’m not average male head size…

So onto goggles, I’ve brought shed loads of pairs over the years and had very little success. A few pairs almost acceptable, but far from perfect.
The only exception some zoggs fusion air… Which are slowly getting harder to source. What seems like the new versions aren’t even close to fitting.

How does everyone else choose from such a wide range out there? Especially those of you in the wonky club?

Welcome any advice

I’ve just bought a new pair of DHB goggles. They came with different nose pies to adjust to fit different size and shapes.

Used them a few times in the pool and they are pretty good, so far :slight_smile:

I think goggles are very much like saddles in that recommendations don’t really count for much as we’re all different.
As the previous poster said, ones with changeable or adjustable nose pieces are a good start or go full on retro with some Swedes.
Pre-covid somewhere like Decathlon was good as they always had pairs to try on. I worked on the basis that if you could get them to seal without the strap for a few seconds they were a good fit and shouldn’t leak.
I tried loads over the years and finally settled on Aquasphere Kayenne, which have quite large lenses and a big flexible gasket so seem quite tolerant of different shapes.

Malmsten Swedish googles. Its what real swimmers wear. They cost peanuts on Amazon, (less than a fiver) very adjustable as you build them yourself and fit inside the socket so watertight and comfortable (although they dont look it) . Unfortunately I can’t find prescription ones so dont use them anymore :frowning:

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Thanks all. Most of the ones I’ve had, did have the adjustable nose… Tho as JaRok said , can normally tell pretty quick from a quick press against the face.

Decathlon a good shout :+1:

Oh if there’s more cheap ones to buy on Amazon, I’m sold. I’m terrible at returning stuff, still least my club has plenty of spares 🤦


but there are different ones so a search helps to pick a lense colour. The mirrored ones are cool but about £11


I’m going to give these a punt. I normally use polarized Zoggs Predator Flex, but the pool I’m having to use at the moment is a good bit darker than my pre-covid pool & I baulk at paying £30 for clear lenses.

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Similar problem here. I’ve got a big, wonky head. I’ve tried most of the big brands. Zoggs Predator, Aqua sphere vista, others by Arena Speedo etc. Not one pair fitted. Every one leaked. Even the pairs with adjustable nose bridge.
I bought a pair of DHB Fury on special offer. £7 I think. Fitted perfect.
To cut a long story short, I discovered that DHB where importing them from China and re branding them. So I bought them from China on eBay. Made by Copozz.

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17 pages of reviews for the fury and only couple complaining of build issues and fogging. Sounds promising.
I’ll chuck a pair in on my next wiggle order.
Decathlon also seem to have a great range - so hopefully if things settle down I’ll pop down to try them all on.

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They’re expensive now. I get them for £10 from China. If you wanna try a pair, I’ve got a couple of old pairs. PM me your address and I’ll send you a pair. At least you can get an idea of fit before buying new. If they don’t fit, just bin them. :+1:

Very kind offer - thankyou!!

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When I was club swimming, it was always Malmsten - best adjustablity and for staying put when diving in. I still have a few pairs but the elastic has degraded. I prefer Aquasphere Kayenne for open water and training as there’s less pressure on the eye balls! :nerd_face:

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Another former user of Malmstem goggles. An dbeing so cheap that even when the straps snapped I’d just re-tie the shreds back together as the actual goggle part lasted forever.
Even thought I was cool with different coloured eye lenses once.

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Whatever is on sale.

The predator flex were a big step up from decathlons disposable finest.

Ive got some Roka winging their way.

Oh to have a symmetrical and normal sized head. Jealous :worried:

Well im notsaying they always fit well!

I think youre supposed to press them on (without strapping) and let the suction hold them, to indicate a good fit. But who buys in person these days?

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Ive used Roka R1s in open water for a few years now. They’re a bit bloody steep but seem to fit my face well. Don’t get any leakage etc…

Had used a pair of F2s in the pool for a bit but didn’t get on with them.

Got a pair of Malmstens on the way. Cheers @Hammerer :+1:t2:

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I currently use speedo aquapure, only because prescription and they have different nose pieces so fit ok for the most part. Need them tight enough to mark my eyes and give me headache if diving though If anyone ever sees malmsten in the UK with 2.5 prescription let me know!

I used to use Zoggs fusion Air but after several pairs over a few years they changed the design of the nose bridge meaning it doesn’t fit over my nose. Changed to zoggs racespex and they’re alright.

I’ve never understood the need for massive goggle for OWS. I can always see plenty in normal goggles.

Edited due to phone autocrorrect of zoggs to zones.

Hadn’t seen those… thanks