Half marathon. Looking for any and every tip on training

I need to get a lot faster at the half marathon. Any sure fire methods to cut big chunks off the time. Training methods and pieces? I need to beat some Uni students who are a lot younger than me. Pride is at stake. Help very much required.

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Have a look at the Hal Higdon plans. There are plenty to pick from depending on your starting point. I like them because they are simple and easy to follow.

If youre carrying extra timber then losing weight is a great way to get more speed.

As for the rest, train hard, rest harder, and up your protein a bit.

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Make sure your training is mostly cardio. Do the easy easy. Do the hard hard.

And as above, weight loss really does transfer to better run times.


I have about 1kg max weight that will slide off during training anyway with no loss of power. I’m all about power to weight ratio. Want max power with minimum weight. With a sensible diet, the body normally finds it’s own balance point depending on sport and training.


Assuming you are optimum running weight (no arm or shoulder muscle, no quads) then it is almost all about pace. Know the time you want to do, and arrive on the day confident and committed to achieving it. Set off with a plan and run to the plan - probably 1min negative split but do this by running first mile 30s slower than pace, 2nd mile 20s slower, 3rd mile 10s and then even the rest of the way. Apart from those first 3miles, 1/2marathon is push all the way. Train on a track or measured stretch twice per week. 10 X 800s, 5 X1600s at your 10K pace with <90s in between. Do 20 X 400m at 5K pace with <1min in between every 2 weeks if you can, but try alternating direction each lap and run the bends wide to avoid injury.
Do some tough hills every week - pace not important for this, just about 10 sets of at least 2 mins of hurt.
Volume helps - after the tough sessions, do a medium-distance session the next morning but at a real plod just to loosen up, and then a moderate session in the evening concentrating on high cadence, high leg lift and soft footfalls. Lots of situps/crunches whenever possible and a bit of gentle swimming to replace a session if you have any calf/achilles/ham niggles.
Use big well-cushioned shoes for all the training. Lightweights for race day only. If you don’t puke, collapse, faint on the finish line you had more to give. Nutrition and hydration strategy during has little relevance to 1/2 marathon in the day before or during so don’t carbo-load and small amounts of water or very weak energy drink during the race is enough. This is all assuming you are aiming to go sub 1.25ish. If you are slower than that then I have no idea - maybe lose weight and increase cadence and get your 5K pace up before thinking about any fast 1/2 marathons.


…and this in one simple statement shows why you are a complete idiot who spouts complete garbage about all manner of subjects on here pretending you have superior insight to the rest of us, but actually has no concept of how the world works outside your darkened padded cell.

Has Joex hacked your login?

Event date?
Where is your fitness now?
Current Training Load?
etc etc etc

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As you have no real weight to lose all I can suggest is look at the 80/20 training plan.
A HM is pretty much entirely cardio so that needs to be your main focus.
What is your current PB?

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Gary O Hanlan training plans

I’m in touch

Have not done that much road running in last 10 years after some cartilage removed from knee. Mostly trail running as it’s just too much fun not to. Lots of cycle racing, TT, XC, CX , road, crit and circuit. More focus on rowing recently, having done Henley Masters and British Masters this year with more and better to come next regatta season. Half marathon time was 1:30, so a reasonable time is in there somewhere, I’ve just got to re-tap into it. Fitness is excellent, training load is nearly always on the over training side of things. And having just got some roller ski’s, add that to the bundle of killer sports. This half marathon will probably be my last road run event as I want to keep and protect the knees, so I want it to count. Trainers and training ideas has changed a bit since I last went hard. Done tri from super sprint to long coarse (IM included) and everything in between and in my 50’s.


Get a coach - seriously. If you want to protect yourself. Then it’s about quality. Ffs

Build up the running slowly, transferring from your other sports but retain some of the non-weight bearing activities you’re currently consistently doing. You don’t have to stop trail running either, just make it appropriate for your training.

In your youth it was more about hard work, this time around focus on nutrition, recovery and sleep - you need more of all of them.

Nike Vaporfly.


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Karen Miller plan? :man_shrugging: :grin:


Don’t know the specifics of your knee injury but I thought the “running is bad for your knees” notion had been turned on it’s head, and actually has a positive impact on cartilage wear and tear and preventing arthritis?


You were doing so well!

But yes, because osteoarthritis is inflammatory, not a mechanical “wear and tear”. So running good. Sedentary bad. Obese very bad.


Build up to 12km over five months.
Don’t run longer than that.
Do some 200m-800m repeats.
But only for 40mins tops, inc warm up and cool, as you need to get home to cook supper.

Start a new job and run 15km in two weeks.

Buy a pair of £280 shoes in a panic.

Run a 1:20.


(Oh! Forgot … cycle 3-5hrs 3 or four times per week, too :joy::+1:t3:)



Surgeon told me no more running of any kind as he had effectively removed my shock absorbers in the knee. Just like removing the shock absorbers in a car, and imagine what would happen to the car then.

Any further info’ or articles on the ‘use it’ theory?

I’d probably listen to your surgeon, if I’m honest, and not a bunch of random triathletes on the internet?


That’s strike 1

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Surgeon advice was 12 years ago. Times change, ideas change and research and understanding change. 12 years is a long time ago in some contexts. I’m open minded.