Hamburg or Copenhagen Ironman for 2024

Hey TriTalk massive …

Thinking about a flat, not too hot (and faster) full distance for 2024.
Considering Hamburg or Copenhagen.

Reading some of the older reports on Hamburg sounds like the bike course has cobbles and is long … which doesn’t sound great?

Training over summer is a mixed bag (better weather, but kids about, family staying) for Copenhagen. So there was something nice about getting it done in June, but it is not a major factor.

Any thoughts / insight welcome …

Thanks in advance.


I think that parts of Hamburg bike course may have changed and it may not be 6km long anymore, however, it is unlikely to be a great course, and there was a pretty horrible crash this year, that resulted in the death of a moto mashal. Run in Hamburg is one of the best. Swim has had algae problems in the past, it was OK when I did it, but nothing special like an Austrian or Swiss lake swim

Copenhagen is a favourite for people looking for a flat course, and I’ve not heard many bad things about it. Emilia Romagna is another you may want to consider, and of course there is the super fast and super dull draft fest of IM Barcelona (I have not done it, however, most people I know who have raced there said that it is pretty dull course)

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I loved Austria but think a change would be good.
Barcelona doesn’t appeal to me, I can’t get my head around that people with the full and half.
Emilia Romagna is a good shout … maybe a little hot

Hamburg was 35c the year 3 of us did it. Not sure about this year but I think Copenhagen will be cooler.

Depends what they do to the bike course next year.

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Emilia Romagna is normally mid September, so heat shouldn’t be an issue. I agree that Barcelona just doesn’t appeal. I almost forgot the best one - Challenge Roth, simply the best long distance triathlon in the world, the fans are amazing, the bike course is very fast, it’s not flat, but more rolling, so a good cyclist can maintain momentum, the roads are super smooth, no nasty junctions - its one of the fastest bike courses. Swim is in a canal - no problems with sighting, run is a single lap real mix of surfaces, transitions are super fast, as a result it is the fastest course in the world. It also sells out in under 3 minutes, however, on 6 December there is a second chance to register, it will also sell out in under 5 mins.

Challenge Roth is simply the best triathlon experience there is… and I include Kona in that statement


I did Roth in 2013 and loved it … but cheap family holidays in early July (Scottish Schools) says not this year …

Having done AUT, Roth and Wales (all many years ago), I am afraid that may have set a high benchmark in terms of great events :slight_smile:


I think 35c would kill me on the run …

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Copenhagen does get really good reviews. Main issue I’ve heard with Emilliana (other than drafting!) is that the swim can be choppy. But if you’ve done Wales I suspect you’ll be alright.

I didn’t mind Barcelona, easy to get to, cheap accommodation, decent little town

If you want flat look at IM Florida - no hills to speak of on the bike and highest point is a bridge over a river (tbf - it’s a BIG bridge). Sea swim in the Gulf of Mexico off a beautiful golden sand beach (although the venue at Panama City Beach is uninspiring) and a pan flat run.

Used to sell out in minutes back in the day (I did it in 2007) but not sure what the score is now.

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Having raced there this year mine is a massive vote for Copenhagen. I’m already signed up for 2024.

Awesome city
Sea swim in calm conditions (it’s in a lagoon)
Always going to be wetsuit legal
Possibility of rain but in all likelihood decent weather and zero likelihood of temp above 30
Very fast bike course but with some ups and downs
Smooth roads
Honest participants - very limited drafting that I could see
Largely flat run with tons of support
I was there with the family who had no hesitation when I suggested a return visit next year.

We stopped in Hamburg on the way back and although it seemed nice enough as a city it wasn’t nearly as much to my liking as Copenhagen.


I haven’t been to Hamburg but done Copenhagen twice and it is a great race as reported above and it really is a fantastic city to explore if you can fit in a few days after. The cities transport system is brilliant and very bike friendly. First time there was a downpour during the end on the bike and last year it was quite hot for the start of the run (these are based on my times !) but they had a lot of sponges in water bins which helped. If I can keep going then I will go back there again :+1:

My return to IM-distance May well be Copenhagen 2025. Not heard a bad word about it.



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CPH > Nottingham :joy:

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What have I missed?!

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You debating another Ironman and knowing you can have a better race … strike whilst the iron is hit and all that :joy::white_check_mark:

And that Copenhagen is better than Outlaw.
Gotta be faster? Right???

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If you are looking for some persuation, you can have a brilliant family holiday in Copenhagen and the race is fast :grinning:

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Thanks all for the comments

FYI - went Copenhagen …
(now off to sell a kidney and/or child to pay for it)


If you have supporters, especially younger ones, with you and you can fit it in Tivoli Gardens is a good visit. It has been pride weekend both times I’ve been so very busy and the city centre (where we had an apsartment last time) was quite noisy Saturday night as you would expect, but not appreciate with windows open. First time we stayed further out of the centre and the metro was very easy to get to the swim start race morning. You’ll love it

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Kids are easier to replace :joy:

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