Has the BTF money grabbing finally gone too far with a £12 Race Pass

I find this shocking and extremely elitist I hope its not right or there is another announcement coming out but from what I can understand the non BTF member day licence (£4-£5) in 2024 will be a Race pass and costs £12 in addition to entry fees. See below - not my words.

Until recently any triathlete who enters a British triathlon permitted event had to have a Day Pass. Unless you were a Core or Ultimate BTF member the cost of this Day Pass was usually incorporated in the entry fee.

All change from January 1st 2024

The Day Membership is changing its name to a Race Pass and any participant who enters a British Triathlon permitted event that takes place from 1 January 2024 needs to:

  1. be a British Triathlon Annual Core or Ultimate member, which includes public liability and personal accident insurance for training and racing at a British Triathlon permitted event, or,
  2. purchase a Race Pass providing a race licence and public liability insurance cover for the duration of a specific event.

The new Race Pass is required to implement two key changes:

  1. a change to the way a Race Pass is sold to meet important data protection and insurance requirements,

  2. a change in the price of a Race Pass

So, how will a participant purchase a Race Pass?

This requirement means a Race Pass will need to be purchased in one of two ways:

  1. when entering a permitted event through an online entry system that can support the purchase of a Race Pass directly from British Triathlon, The Race Pass is the responsibility of the participant and NOT the Race Organiser.

  2. directly through the British Triathlon website.

If not a BTF member where a Race Pass can be purchased through a membership number participants must purchase a Race Pass as a separate item to the event entry. This is a mandatory action.

Cost of Race Pass

  • Over 25yrs will cost £12
  • 24yrs and under will cost £6

A variety of memberships will be made available by the BTF from the Spring of 2024. If you enter several Triathlons in this Country, it will be worth looking at what is available.


Blimey, I know costs are going up but a 140% increase takes the piss. Its almost like BTF dont want to encourage more people to do triathlon. It seems like participation is on the wane, and I would imagine some of that is down to cost. Oly tris costing over a hundred quid these days and then this on top.


Are there still many unsanctioned events running?

Eg. my old running club puts on an annual duathlon. Entry costs £0 and is by word of mouth / facebook only. Everyone goes to the pub after, M+F winners gets a bottle of wine as well as the fastest person on a MTB!


I suspect it’s more a case of them trying to encourage people to become full members instead of paying for day tickets :man_shrugging:

It’s a long time since I rowed, but when I started out it was something like £10 for a day ticket and £40 to join the ARA, so everyone joined the governing body. The only people racing on day tickets were the folks who wanted to avoid earning status points if they won :roll_eyes:


Yeah thats true, at the min unless you do a few tris the membership wasnt really worth it.

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In Oz they brought in a rule that basically said you cannot race or train with a tri club without being a full TA member. (guess what happened to club membership numbers!)


Our club do some training duathlons but I’m not sure if you need to be a TE member for this reason.

I know the club are a bit concerned about this increase for our races. They’re cheap and cheerful events, something like £60 for the 70.3 so this will bump that up. Ok, compared to a branded race it isn’t much but that’s not really the target audience.


This might well kill off the aquathlon series my club does, can’t see people spending £12 on a “race pass” for a 40 minute race.

Also I expect there will be a lot of people turning up at their first race not knowing this was something they had to buy :thinking:


I fail to see the value I get for my £12. Insurance isn’t that much surely?

You get to support your sport’s governing body :man_shrugging:

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And those are great! Well organised and an excellent intro to the sport. This really will kill off the take up. People will only do 1 or 2 events a year and then realise they’ve spent a lot of money for not very much and move on.

Unaffiliated entry to runs is still only £2 more than affiliated.


Too ephemeral, the governing body needs to show value to the end users, otherwise they’re just operating like a charity.


Key changes being:

  • Buy it off us
  • we raised the price

I wonder how many novices who just want to “try a tri” enter one without realising that they had to visit the BTF site and purchase a race pass also.


IM Wales was that you had to get your one day pass at one desk, then register at another. I think it was £5 and a bit of card really. Weird thing, nobody in all three years I registered, ever took down the number, so you could have gave it to a mate or sold it for £3 to anybody walking in.

the race I used to put on we took the number down, but essentially it was a bit of printed paper and wasnt worth the cost of printing it as any accident was null and void if you try to claim against another “member” day or year. It is literally just for the RD to cover themselves really. I do remember the last year i ran the event we “trialled” online options but that was worse, we just took the £3, emailed a “licence” and told BTF how many we had got!


I’m happy concede to your greater experience in these things… but are you sure? Having been personally sued myself (covered by BTF for me) by another competitor I’m not sure this is the case. I can’t totally remember if the other person was suing via their BTF insurance or they employed a 3rd party. However it was explained to me in these cases, BTF employ separate solicitor companies to avoid conflicts of interest.


Looks like it may have changed as Im sure they used to say no member on member claims (is it still Leigh Day?)

That’s BCs policy (or at least it used to be…)


Yeah it certainly was. I wondered if they were getting the two mixed up but it doesn’t sound that way.