Enough of us in to warrent it’s own thread now.
Had a couple minutes look at results yesterday after @Poet predictions, some rapid times on the run with lots sub 60. Can’t see you being over 50 percent slower than leaders?

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What results are you looking at @Chriswim ?
The run has been shortened in a few years due to the weather.

The run is a 9 mile fell one - not sure who could do that in an hour??? Joss Naylor?

I could only find the 2018 results on the BTF site, as the past three years links are broke on the TriHard site.

I looked at 2016 and recognised the name of the bloke who came 4th. He runs 74 mins for a HM and ~3:15 for a Mara in an IM and has done Kona a few times.

Looking back to 2012, we have Marc Laithwaite, Chris Biddulph (he used to win/place in A LOT of races when I was racing before) and Brian Fogarty all finishing around 3:50, with runs of 1:25 to 1:32. I’d be a fair bit slower than them three!!!

I generally finish in the Top 20 of most multi-sport races I do.
13th or 15th seems to be my modal position :rofl:
So when looking at results, I’ve looked around there and looked for names I know from around 2011-2014.

At last years 113, I made up 32 places in T1, then 11 places in T2.
At Clitheroe, my first Tri in six years, I had the 6th quickest T1 and 4th quickest T2.
I do wonder WTF people do in there???

@adam , @JeffB , @Doonhamer

Come over here…anyone else I’ve missed?


On the entry list there is a Gary Chapman. The name rings a bell, is he an old TTer?

Anyway, I’ll be going along with my wife, we’re taking our wee caravan along to stay at Ullswater Holiday Park, arriving on the 5th, leaving on the 8th.

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We had a long weekend planned in Edinburgh the weekend before. Now trying to bring the two together without having two big drives up and down the country.

Seeing what accommodation is available to accommodate two families now :roll_eyes: - I really wanted to find a b&b and blitz it on my own. Wife really bought into it :rofl:


Pretty sure the run only went to the tarn last year because of the weather. Even top fell runners like Ben Abdelnoor only do about 1:20.

Depending on the real swim length sub 4 is a good time. If you can break 2 hours on the bike you are a decent cyclist.

I do fanny about in transition, particularly T1 putting warm clothes on :joy:

There’s parking at the cricket field which is about 1K from transition, or you can pay more and park in the village, although this sometimes upsets the locals.

@Adam not sure where you are planning on staying in between if that comes off but Northumberland is very nice if you get the right weather, some of the beaches & castles etc. really are nice. Then you just need to pop over the A69 or A66 to get to the lakes. Equally, Carlisle is about a 35 minute drive on race day.


Fair, quick look at 2017 was sub 60 run by winner, quite a lot sub 70. Winners all seem to be round the 3:30 mark, agree looks like I’ll be doing well to be around the 4hr mark.

Just announced he’s doing a 2 lap swim with Aussie exit so if you aren’t confident of swimming that far you can only do a lap.

Times will still be published but not eligible for prizes etc


Where are you seeing the 2017 results?
They won’t work for me…

@jeffb - So it’s non-competitive and you only need to do 800m ? PFFT :stuck_out_tongue::face_with_monocle:

2017 was curtailed due to weather.
All other years the top runners are around 90 minutes.

Winning times are 3:40:xx to 3:50xx (guessing that’s due to wind and the swim length changing?)

Sub-4 is a proper good time.

Just spent a couple of hours changing my carbon handlebars for alloy, recabling, re-wrapping & fitting my antiquated clip-ons…I found a Trebor extra strong mint under an arm rest pad from Wales '14 :grin:


Think I’ll just do it on the TT bike after what Chris and Jeff have said.

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Same. I’m just going to buy a bigger cassette

Probably leave the disc at home though :see_no_evil:

From a H&S viewpoint this makes perfect sense :white_check_mark:

I do worry though that those who do 2 laps swimming will get caught behind slower cyclists & the cars/caravans/motorhomes trying to overtake them.


Chris will probably do the full swim in the time it takes me to do a lap :roll_eyes:


is this race currently set to go ahead ?
on may have another crac at it


And then get accused of only doing one and have the slowtwitch brigade out :joy: although don’t think any danger of that now after lockdown.

I’ve entered it. Total air plucks, but I’ve put down 22 m for the swim, 2:10 for the bike, 1:40 for the run. I’m a wuss on descending after my AC dislocation (and was slow before that too!)


I did the first two back in 2004 & 2005. Great event.

I was about 40th in 2005 with a 1:40ish run split, slower than my flat HM split by some margin

Edited to add that 40th was roughly top 10%; in Jan 2006 I ran 1:25 for a Jan HM

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I was I think 11th M50 in 2017. TT bike for sure, so long as you’re confident in its handling. I did 2:11 ride and it was blowing a hooley, that’s why the run was changed to slightly lower level loop.

Same year I did Wensleydale and TriX half, slightly sub-par as I had the beginnings of a torn supraspinatus at the time.

Yup, Gary Chapman is Italian shorts man; I forget the name he has/had on here.