Inov8 Lite rucksack - got a hydration bladder pocket, hip pockets, and its decent.
Bounced about a little on the recce, but it’ll be reet!
I’ve done 40 miles in it before, perfectly useful :slight_smile:

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If you want a vest Decathlon do one that is just as good as any and is a fraction of the price of a Salomon or Inov8


Just use my running backpack thing, used it fell races and ultras etc.

Probably just have one 500ml flask.


Decathlon stuff is decent aye :+1:t3:

But…they don’t come with flasks and they only had the 250ml ones in stock for £9.99 :scream::scream::scream:

I’ve got a couple of these, cheaper than the “brands” and in my experience leak less too!


I agree with @r0bh I’ve got one of the Evadicts - albeit a slightly more garish one :roll_eyes: - & it takes all necessary kit & 2 of the 500ml soft flasks nicely, allowing you to drink on the go.

There was a thread a while back when the question was asked before.

Running vests


The day I did my recce was scorchio & I easily got through 2*500ml flasks. If on race day it’s cooler I’ll squirt one of them out before I start walking up those fricking steps.

I have offered kit before but I one of these plus unused flasks to go with it.

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Got the Speedcross 4 GTX from Cheshire Oaks :+1:t3:
Testing them out on The Edge tomorrow evening

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Although I’m not a fan of cloves

” You can squeeze cloves or a hat in them too should you wish”

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We’ve got an email telling us what to expect.

So has Alistair … apparently …?!


Keep seeing it. Not confirmed.

He won it a few years ago didn’t he? 07?

Edit / after reading the email - going to be a press release on the pro race tomorrow!


We all want to race … I’ve filled the details in for a sprint tri…

Twice… then deleted it.

Ally B is no different from us, just a touch more gifted.

Looks like it’s going to be some field this year.

Be great to have a superstar racing with the … normal people

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Yeah - AB/JB would be expected.
Be mint to see them racking up!

I’m even more excited now that lot are racing.

I got star struck when I racked next to Crackers at Clumber duathlon one year, and saw Tim Don at Ashbourne Duathlon.

This race looks like it’s going to be epic in more ways than one (let’s just hope the weather isn’t part of that!!!)

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Have to admit I’ve had a peak at the long term forecast (with my recent track record)

Doesn’t look horrific :wink::salt:


Looks like a schlep back to the car once you’ve racked - no bags allowed at the transition edge :sob::sob::sob:
I’ve got nobody with me on the day.
Car key hidden in backpack :+1:t3::ok_hand:t4:

Not one for the IMJers :rofl::rofl::rofl:
These notes are making me LOL

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:rofl: enjoyed that

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Check the entry list :open_mouth:

None other than a certain Olympic medal winning, Aldi shopping, Yorkshireman is in there!!!


now i have proper FOMO! If it was about 6 hours closer i’d go up to watch!