Running vests

I’m looking for a running vest to carry water on long runs. I am fine up to 14 miles with nothing but worry that for the multiple 20 milers I’m planning I’ll either have to run loops or carry.

Anyone got experience with these ones (currently on sale?) Or have recommendations for a similarly cheap something.
Presume I’d have to find bottles to fit the pockets for this one

I have an Ultimate Direction one with 2 soft bottles in. Pricey but excellent.

Osprey duro 6 for me and i love it. Best piece of kit i’ve bought in years.

2 soft flasks and fits brilliantly.

To be honest, i don’t think there is a huge difference between brands these days, certainly not at the pricier level. I’m guessing the cheaper ones may have less ‘extras’ like handy pockets and the like, and are probably a bit heavier/cheaper materials etc.

Decathlon do em dirt cheap

There seems to be a few good options - will head there and have a look at them and pick the best fit;

£30 comes with a bladder

£20 Can take two 500ml bottles (not included)

£18 - one bottle included (not sure which one)

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If you like thieving, then buy one with a bladder.
Take the bladder out.
Take it back.
Then buy the one without the bladder and put your stolen bladder in there :ok_hand:t4::+1:t3:

Or just do it in the store…”Oh, sorry, I forgot about that - I was testing out how they worked to decide on my best option…”

Or, you know. Stump up the £7 they charge for one :kissing:

Seeing as trafleets will pay £1000000 gazillions for snake oil, this seems cheap.


Look at the MTB Rockrider range, too.

They are sometimes cheaper than the Kalenji stuff and identical.

This is what I have and it’s AMAZING :heart_eyes:
Fits my wetsuit in and a bladder of drink.
Accessible Dry pocket for my phone and a mesh one for gels.
Emergency whistle and moveable straps.

Doesn’t look like they do it anymore.

I followed GB’s advice on the Osprey Duro, superb bit of kit and I use it fairly regularly for long runs if I want to take some safety kit etc., also used it on the ultra in March, no problems running in it at all.


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@Jgav, did you pick a Decathlon one in the end?

I notice they have a sale of their already cheap running vests & was wondering if you can fit a 500ml soft flask in the front pocket of the 5ltr one?

I don’t own one but sen these mentions a few times.

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This one?

If so, I have one and yes the front pockets take 500ml soft flasks. It’s a great pack for the price.

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Yes I got the 5l Decathlon vest and yes it fits 500ml soft flasks in the front.

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Cheers for the feedback @Jgav & @r0bh, I picked up the 5ltr Evadict & it’s great.

I took FBC, 500ml of juice, a dozen jelly babies, my phone & keys with me on a 15km/720mtr trail/road/trod run this morning & everything behaved well.

At £20 it’s bob on for training, if I was to enter an ultra I might treat myself to something like the Osprey but I’m happy atm.

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