Hibernating your TT bike

I remember ‘Savaloy’ late of this parish left his TT bike in the bike box from IM Barcelona until his first triathlon the following year. Mine is currently still sitting in the box since Hamburg…

Any advances on about 7 months?


I’m just the opposite, probably use the TT bike more in winter than summer.
I put mine on the turbo last week, where it will stay until the spring, so pretty much every weekday session will be on it now. I think it’s one of the big advantages of having a TT bike that is often overlooked.

Tbh, that’s what I normally do - stick it on the trainer so I can Zwift without too much setting-up. Our building project has been going on forever this year though, and the builders (when they turn up) need access via the garage, so I’m loathed to leave it sat there with the door wide open!

I did buy a Carrera Virago TT bike on the cycle to work scheme and put it in the loft until I was thin enough to ride it. 3 years later I still wasn’t thin enough but had got a bit more thick skinned. Rode it a handful of times then robbed all the parts for my Blade and sold the frame.

Mine is getting stripped down and rebuilt at some point this week…it’ll then go onto an (as yet unpurchased) turbo trainer for the winter.
Or I’ll just stick some clip-ons on it and ride it outdoors for #9

I havent ridden mine in easily 12 months +. Went to move it then other day and the headset was stiff. Covered in dust.

Expensive clothes drier.

Project Frankenbike has finally started; last night I stripped-off all the cables, bars and the hydraulic calipers. Drops/stem now on. It already looks most of the way there, despite needing STI shifters and some mechanical disc calipers (thinking TRP Spyre). Currently has 3x9 speed XT on it, but the upgraded DT Swiss wheels will take a 10-11 speed cassette and I have various rear mechs I can replace it with. I bought it S/H 10 years ago, and apart from one Bavarian winter, it’s sat in a garage all that time. Forks might need a service :upside_down_face:

Question is whether I…

  • keep triple XT chainset & get some STI triple shifters
  • get a double chainset & fit standard STI levers (more £ kind of)
  • keep triple up front, but just use double shifter & make one of the rings redundant (cheapest option).

I need to keep the front mech as it’s an MTB frame where the cable is fed from above.


Not quite but my P5 got disassembled after Hamburg and is now in the loft, probably until May at the earliest.


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I’ve just ordered a set of Avid BB7s for my MTB. Every time it’s been standing for a while the back brake locks up and I have to let a bit of fluid out of the bleed nipple to free it off. They’re quite old Hopes so think there is a bit of moisture creeping in as it’s stored in a damp shed.
I only ever do XC type riding so decided to go back to mechanical for ease of maintenance & adjustment. I initially was leaning towards Spyres due to the dual piston but read a few things about BB7s being just as good but more robust (something to do with a bigger bearing for main pivot) and could get them a fair bit cheaper too.
There are some really cheap deals on Ebay (<£40 for a pair with discs) from China but decided to pay a bit more from a UK supplier who actually advertises them as Avids rather than a generic BB7 with no brand names.

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Yeah, just set the limit screw and stick a chain catcher on there, too.
We need to see photos of this over on Bike Porn :wink:

Yes, I replaced the BB5s on my Boardman commuter with BB7s, as the fives were frankly rubbish. Only error I made was to order the ‘MTN’ version which I just could not set-up with road levers (obviously!). It wasn’t until I took it to a LBS that they said that after some fiddling of their own… they noticed I’d bought the wrong version :roll_eyes:

My TT bike lives in the trainer all year and only comes out for training/racing duties but that’s mainly because my roadie is Campag and the cassette on the Direto is Shimano, which plays nicely with the P3.

I also find I don’t get as fidgety on a TT bike in the turbo as I do on the road bike.

I was really disciplined this year. Cleaned it all down after Wales. Oiled it up and fitted it onto the turbo. Looks great. Haven’t actually sat on it since Wales though.

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That’s the thing with flying I think, combined with an event later in the season; there’s a good chance it will just fester indefinitely!

Did you leave a 3/4 empty sports drink and half an energy bar in a bento box on it when you packed it away…


Ha, what I did do was empty the bento and remove the bottles. I also wiped the sticky stuff off…but I was pretty tired, and had a flight to catch so who knows what I missed.

I’m riding a bike with mudguards, front and back racks until spring. Weighs a ton.

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Mine is just under 15kg with a couple of bottles and the saddle bag…

Rear wheel puncture with rack/guards and a pannier is a bit of a PITA tbh!

Try that on a horizontal drop out fixed gear.
In the rain. And dark.
Trying to get the wheel back on nice and tight.
Bloody :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: