How many running shoes do you have in rotation?

Currently I have four road and two trail but one of the road pairs is about to be binned and one pair is my Next% that rarely see the light of day.

So my regular amount tends to be two road, two trail. I have noticed in these economically squeezed times that I’m stretching the mileage a bit more that I used to.

4 road - slow and short (Peg), speed intervals (ZF3), race (Next2), everything else (Zoomfly whatever)
1 trail - Scott Ultratrac (normally 2, an ultra/winter shoe and something more aggressive and racey But yeah economics has dictated i just drop to one, as i’m not really racing much at the mo)

2 pairs of fairly well cushioned road shoes, plus a pair of old vaporflys which I wear for anything fast like intervals. Not counting the alphaflys which only come out on race day.
Plus one pair of trail shoes.

3 1 pair of trail shoes, 1 pair of good weather road shoes and 1 pair of road shoes for wet days.

Usually Hokas but just bought some Ons to try. So far its not going well.

10 pairs.
Depending on weather, duration, speed and terrain:

Peg 37
Peg 36 Shield
Peg 37 Shield
Terra Kiger
Solomon SpeedCross4

I also have six pairs of cycling shoes.
Eight pairs of casual trainers.
Five pairs of casual shoes.
Five pairs of smart shoes.
Three pairs of casual boots.
Three pairs of walking type shoes.


What dont you like about them out of interest. I tried a few pairs a few years ago and really liked them. But they were too expensive so didn’t stick with them. And then supershoes started coming ou and the £110 i baulked at with the Ons suddenly became the normal price for a pair!! :man_facepalming:

I’m in the poet camp here.

One Nike trail
4 pairs of pegs
1 zoomfly2
1 zoomfly 3
Next %

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I’ve had some ONs before. Liked them in Oz, don’t like them in the UK because when it’s wet, they squeak like fuck. :smile:


6 pairs
Alphas (race)
Zoom Flys mk 1 (old race and now barely used)
Saucony (mixed use)
NB Vongo (mixed use)
Asics GT2000 (long run but getting old now and won’t be replaced)
Brooks Trail

The Saucony are my favourite for general running and have now gone past 1000km.

3 pairs. 1 road, 1 trail (mud) and 1 trail (rock/gravel).

All pretty much at the end of their useful life and I really should think about replacing them.

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Err 1 pair. I might have a pair of trail shoes somewhere, mostly if I am offroad I wear hiking boots.

I probably should have more. I dont get a lot out of them due to my size and possibly running style. 300-400kms and they have had it

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Excluding trail etc I have 4

  • A race
  • B race
  • training tempo/speed work
  • long slow and general run

Shoes tend to move through the categories. My first pair of 4%s have just dropped into training speed work.

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It’s a fit issue; I have a wide foot, but generally I find a wide specific shoe too wide. So when I go for a shoe I expect it to be tight for the first few wears before it fits right.

I am 5 runs in with the ONs and they have not stretched enough yet

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Road: 3x training + pair of Next% for races. Seems an adequate number for different needs and providing stimuli to different muscles/tendons to rotate loads.

If I ran more trails then I’d want an extra pair there, currently just make do with Brooks Ghost for the couple times I’ve been out.

Glad it’s not just me.
1 pair until they fall apart (usually my little toes make a bid for freedom) then buy a new pair of whatever I can find on offer (ideally stability but they’re rarely reduced)
I do have a pair of trail shoes that I keep for 100% purely muddy trail runs so as not to take the edges off the grips and they’ve lasted years as don’t get used very often. Must be 10 years old.

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Same here 1 pair (Saucony Ride) until they fall apart, have a spare pair unused in reserve. Tend last around 2000km

Do have several pairs of trail shoes though

I used to use 2 pairs and keep 1 pair for lunchtime runs at work, but for the last 4 years I’ve been working (mostly) from home.

3 road - one really old ASICS Gt2000 and 2 newer ones

Off road:

  • salomon slab ultra - 2 pairs
  • salomon sense gore tex
  • Salomon speedcross
  • salomon sense

Trainers for tennis

Trainers for squash

2 pairs of casual trainers

I thought I had a problem until I saw @Poet ’s post


Pretty sure @leahnp has more than I do

Good Lord @Poet, I thought I was bad.


Brooks Ghost - plodders and comfortable stack height to protect the calves.
Brooks Launch - treadmill only
Brooks Carbon Shoes - come out 5 or 6 times a year
Brooks Trail Shoes - come out a handful of times a year
Brooks Hyperion - nearly finished, use at the track


Some pair of Reebok cross fit shoes, done me well.


2 horrible pairs of Decathlon specials. One for spinning, one gathering dust in the garage.